Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Patton Oswalt Is Funny

Have I ever shown this before? I'm not sure but i dont think so.

I think comedian Patton Oswalt is pretty damn funny. I never really watched King of Queens, but i've always liked his stand-up and his bit parts when he was getting his start on Reno 911.

Anyway, Oswalt was a recurring character on KoQ, and as the story goes, they had him in this bit "birthday party" scene, but they gave him no lines and nothing to do, so he decided to just fuck around and see if he could get away with doing, well, literally NOTHING for the entire scene.

And NOTHING is exactly what he did. He didn't talk. He didnt move. He didn't blink. Hell, I'm not even sure if he was breathing, but watching this clip makes me laugh and creeps me out at the same time.

I just find it extremely funny that no one paid enough attention to notice what he was doing and to not let this go out on TV as the final cut.


MarkD60 said...

At first, I didn't see him. Then it was hilarious, watching him just stand there.

Slyde said...

isn't it funny? I wonder how many people who saw this on tv noticed it.

Choleesa said...

I would never have noticed it....but now that you point it out, it is kinda odd...in many ways.

Slyde said...

isnt it tho?

Verdant Earl said...

I remember hearing about this a while back. Maybe he talked about it on Marc Maron's podcast. Funny dude.

SweetBlueZ51 said...

King of Queens was a great show! I wish they were still making them.