Monday, August 05, 2013

Mateo Scourge Wants YOU!

Well, i am continuing to be a lazy stay-about this Summer. Not posting much, not visiting other people's blogs, really not doing much of anything except floating around my pool and doing as little work as possible.

But that's OK, because the Summer is now officially more than half over, and then the days will get super short, and I'll get all melancholy and depressed, so i am going to make the most out of the next few weeks.

Look, what I'm trying to say is I barely had the energy to write even THIS lazy post today.

Anyway, by now you have no doubt heard that our good local friend, ex New York congressman Anthony Weiner, has ONCE again made a complete ass out of himself, by getting caught up in another sexting scandal.

Is this guy for reals or what?

I mean, I make an ass out of myself all the time. I've become something of an expert on it. But, for me, when i do something stupid, my small circle of friends get to see me embarrass myself, and then i go home to lick my wounds.

But this fucking guy, this elected official, disgraced himself to the world last year as a major-league pervert.

He lost his job. He almost lost his wife. He became the butt of every weiner-joke anyone has ever told.

Then he went to 'get help'. He went into seclusion to seek professional help for his addiction and to try to save his marriage.

Look, I'm not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill here. Bottom line is, the guy was being A GUY (i.e. a perv) and he got caught. The PROBLEM is that if you happen to be in the public eye, the scandal and embarrassment is much much worse.

So, in THAT respect, i feel for the guy. And a few months ago, when he had the guts to try to rebuild his life and run for Mayor of New York City, I had to give the guy some respect.

But then WHAT happens?


Nope! Through all the talk about rehabilitation, and forgiveness, and learning from his mistakes, this jackass kept on sexting chicks.

The only difference was that THIS time, he thought he was being super sneaky....

You see, THIS time, he didn't use his real name.

No sir! This time, he used the clever code-name of CARLOS DANGER.

Seriously. Carlos Danger. It sounds like something a 8 year old would name a Mexican Secret Agent.

But, whatever. At least the New York taxpayers got SOMETHING out of this scandal. The link HERE takes you to a Carlos Danger name generator, which will give you your very own Anthony Weiner-like name so you can begin your very OWN sexting adventures!

My name? Mateo Scourge!

I cant wait to send you chicks pictures of my hog under my new Nom De Plum!

But first, you've gotta go to that site and get your OWN sexting name.

You know, so we can do this all anonymous-like.

So, what's YOUR Name


Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Is that pic a reenactment of what Weiner's wife is gonna do to his wiener?

Verdant Earl said...

This guy is an idiot at best and a sociopath at worst. Dude loses everything because of silly actions, then continues those silly actions = deep, deep problems.

I'm Alejandro Gamble, by the way.

MarkD60 said...

He's a moron.

Slyde said...

keeping: most probably :)

earl: i know. and the sad part is that i generally almost always agreed with his politics... i thought he was stand up dude. he just keeps throwing his career away for ta-tas.

mark: word.

Yvonne said...

the guy seemed creepy to me before his sexting debacle and now well, he's just plain disturbing to me. carlos danger huh? i bet if he googled it, he would have gotten a beter name.

oh by the way, tell mateo scourge, i'm sexy cha-cha. not really, i just wanted to play. ;)