Thursday, April 04, 2013

Blogger Roulette

It might be time for me to play another round of Roulette.

No, not RUSSIAN roulette!  I wouldn't dare enrage the women of the world by chancing a blemish on this otherwise perfect face.

Sometimes, as I'm perusing some of the more popular blogs out there, and i see all the gazillions of comments that these blogs generate, i decide to play a game that I've come to call Blogger Roulette.

First, i leave my comment after reading the latest post. THEN, i quickly scroll thru the comments that others have left and find one that i find interesting. Let it be known that i most definitely choose a commenter who had something witty to say, and NOT because i thought their little thumbnail avatar picture was hot. Certainly not!

Anyway, HOW i choose a commenter is neither here nor there. The point is that I then go to THAT person's blog and read their latest post. If i like what i read, then i will comment on THAT blog. After doing so, i then troll through THEIR latest commenters and rinse and repeat. You get the idea.

I'll keep going through this routine until either:

A) I choose a commenter who doesn't have a blog, or they haven't posted anything new in ages
B) The last blog i come across has no interesting (or hot) commenters
C) I find a blog where the person is just bat-shit crazy, and they quite frankly scare the shit out of me

You would be fucking AMAZED at how many times I've lost at Blogger Roulette because of Option C. One second, I'm reading some mommy blog about how proud some chick in Montana is about her latest quilt, and the next thing i know I'm at some blog reading homo-erotic Harry Potter fan fiction.

It's kind of a game that i play with myself (playing with myself! Ha HA!) to pass away the time when I'm trying to look busy at work without actually working. Most times, i end up visiting no more than 4-5 blogs before i hit one of my end-conditions, but i have had some good runs over the years where I've visited 20-something blogs before i hit my brick wall.

The neat part is, sometimes those people who I've visited end up coming here, stalking me back. In fact, I've found some of the people who will read THIS POST that very same way. Most times, those people will leave a quick comment and then i never hear from them again.

But sometimes, just sometimes, it ends up being the beginning of a beautiful, long-lasting cyber-relationship.

Which is kinda nice, since most of my previous cyber-relationships ended with some used Kleenex and an hour of personal loathing.


MarkD60 said...

I do that, I call it bloghopping.
Of course, like you, avatar hotness has nothing to do with it!

Mrs. Hall said...

so, is this a contest or something?

Heff said...

I called it "Campaigning".

Unknown said...

Excellent idea.

I've recently been a bit renewed and refreshed in my blogging. I think I even a managed to average more than one post every three weeks here lately.

I don't think I want any new readers, the few I have have been with me since nearly the beginning, and for some reason have stuck with me, I think newbies would run away screaming and rolling their eyes.

Choleesa said...

I troll other blogs the same way, but I have no end rules, therefore, I end up trolling for far too long...reading WAY too many mommy blogs...

Yvonne said...

Ha! That's exactly how I found you! I'm a blog stalker, I admit it. I've found a couple of really, really fantastic blogs that way and made some cool friends along the way. Pretty nifty, I'd say!

Unknown said...

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