Thursday, October 04, 2012

Movie 43 Is My Kinda Film

Has anyone else heard about this new movie Movie 43?

Its apparently 25 interconnecting, but separate films, and holy shit it looks like all of Hollywood has been crammed in there somewhere. Check out just a SMIDGE of the names that appear:

Hugh Jackman
Emma Stone
Naomi Watts
Gerard Butler
Kristen Bell
Anna Faris
Kate Winslet
Richard Gere
Uma Thurman
Seann William Scott
Justin Long
Patrick Warburton
Josh Duhamel
Liev Schreiber
Kate Bosworth
Jason Sudeikis
Johnny Knoxville
Tony Shalhoub
Kieran Culkin
Stephen Merchant
Chloƫ Grace Moretz

How crazy is that cast?

Although its not slated to hit the theaters until 2013, i can tell you that the trailer is already better than anything Adam Sandler has ever done.

Check it out. Be warned, this is the official Red Band trailer so its chock full of inappropriate languages, and just a hint of boobies.....

Just like my last trip to Home Depot.....



2Abes said...

Better than anything Adam Sandler did is not setting the bar very high. Maybe James Cameron needs to work on fixing the bar!
Although Sandler getting his as kicked by Bob Barker did get a laugh out of me.

Anonymous said...

Why did I NOT see, Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Mandingo or John Holmes in there? I thought this was a movie about the Canadian Pipeline.

Yvonne said...

I like the pink bra in your picture. Sorry, that's all I got. hehehe

Unknown said...

Holy shit, that looks hilarious. I'm so there.

Unknown said...

Holy shit, that looks hilarious. I'm so there.

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