Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hot For Teacher

Well, it's that time of year again.

It's Back To School time!

Don't you just remember how sucky the first day of school was when you were a kid?  Damn, it felt like your life was ending.  And it was DOUBLY bad for me.  My birthday is on September 2nd.  Do you know how crappy it was to have my birthday every year fall on the last day of Summer vacation?  It blew chunks.  Every year, i couldnt look forward to my damn birthday.  My present every year was to get to watch the fucking Jerry Lewis telethon!

Ok, enough about my pained childhood.  This is a post about how, for a kid, the end of Summer is the absolute worst thing in the world.

So, bearing that in mind, i always try to make Mini-Me's last few days of Summer as a free man as enjoyable as possible.  We spent the weekend in the pool and playing whatever games he wanted.  Board games, video games, lighting homeless people on fire.....whatever he wanted.  I think we gave the Summer a great send-off.

Actually, i think my little man is going to have a good year.  We got a letter over the weekend telling us who his teacher is going to be, and he leaped over the moon when he found out that he did NOT get the mean teacher from Hell he was fearing he would get.

No, actually he got a brand new teacher this year.  She actually sent us a letter over the weekend introducing herself, and MY GOD.....she's a hot number!  If i was a red-blooded American boy in her class, i don't think i could concentrate on my multiplication tables.

But no, i never got teachers who looked like this.  My teachers looked like someone penciled a sad face on a rotten watermelon.

Any way, speaking of hot teachers, can you believe that Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" is almost 30 years old? 

I can't believe that I've been masturbating to that chick for 3 decades......


Anonymous said...

Yeah, mine usually looked like Gene Shalit in drag.

Heff said...

All my teachers looked like Phyllis Diller....AFTER DEATH.

Teachers weren't hot back then AND - didn't have sex with their students, either.

Talk about "Born Before My Time", SHEEEIT !!!

2abes said...

Good Luck to mini me. I guess you're gonna volunteer to be class mom!

Slyde said...

bama: didnt gene shalit ALWAYS wear drag?

heff: wasnt Phylis Diller ALWAYS dead?

abes: i bake a mean 4:20 brownie!

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - I never get tired of hearing you talk about weed. 420 Brownie? Really?

PS - I think you've used this post title before. Once or twice, if I recall.

Choleesa said...

Im gonna go out on a limb here, and say maybe Im a freak of nature!!
I always looked forward to the first day of school.....

Mrs. Hall said...

i have friend who's a teacher who works with my son's teacher and my friend has never had a kind word to say about said teacher.

seems she runs a tight ship.

but i am not scared. mr. hall handles all the teacher parent stuff and he has that male leadership thing where he can talk logically and guide the craziest of females into doing his bidding.

i've seen it happen.

logic and kindness are power things when used on crazy females.

but anyway. yay school. yay getting them back to SOME SORT OF STRUCTURE. to some sort of daily routine. !!!

and may the chips fall where they may!

Radioactive Tori said...

First, hope you had a happy birthday this year!

Second, my kids' school started in August and it does always suck even now that I am the parent. I hate when they go back to school and wish it could be summer forever.

Yvonne said...

Happy Belated birthday! Hope it was GRAND! None of my teachers were ever hot. Unless you count hot flashes. And, they were all nuns. I wasn't hot for teacher until college.

Good luck to your mini you in school this year!

MarkD60 said...

Kids should go to school all year and us adults should get 3 months off every summer.
Day before yesterday, I Youtube-ed VH's Hot For Teacher...

Slyde said...

earl: yes, 420 brownie... really.

chol: freak!

Holly: i guess its a guy thing. I handle all the homework, and almost all the school trips. Friz handles the wardrobe

Tori: yeah, i know alot of the country goes back earlier. At least you guys get out earlier, too!

yvonne: see, once i got to college, all my professors were bone ugly...

mark: you got it bad, got it bad, got it bad....