Thursday, August 23, 2012

Papa John's Employees Are Funny...

... and racist!

I know this isnt very new, but i saw this again yesterday and it still gave me a chuckle.

Let me summarize from the article:

"Minhee Cho went to Papa John's for some fast food goodness. Little did she know, she would get it served with a side of racism.

 Papa John's customer Minhee Cho revealed a photo of a receipt she received at a Papa John's restaurant in uptown, New York City.

 In it, under the customer's name section, the restaurant employee who rang up the order used the racial slur "lady chinky eyes" to describe her."

Now of COURSE it's wrong to use racial slurs in ANY context.  Certainly any person who is old enough to work at an establishment like Papa John's should know better.

Personally, i find the use of such language utterly repugnant and shameful.


Ok, do we have all that Political Correctness out of our system? 

We do?

Ok, good.


I'm sorry, but i just cant help tittering and guffawing at that recipt. 

I mean, cmon guys, except for Ms. Cho, who i'm sure is a wonderful gal, that shit is just funny, yo.

And now that i think of it, i believe that this is not an islotated incident.  In fact, i think that I myself have been targetted by similar discrimination.

Last week i went to Hooters and my recipt read "Hot stud who i'm gonna try to bang as soon as he pays the bill"


Verdant Earl said...

Yeah, saw that again on a story from earlier today where a woman received a receipt with a "best butt" discount on her takeout order. It was only 2 cents, so she couldn't have that nice of an ass, amirite?

Slyde said...

that is exactly how i found this. aww, we read the same articles... isnt that cute?

pretty soon we'll be finishing each others senten......


i'm waiting!

Heff said...

Asians eat PIZZA ?!?!?

Hell, that's a joke in itself....

Chris H said...

lol! Wonder how long you will have to wait for that 'bang'???

Yvonne said...

Totally just had an uncontrollable fit of laughter! Yeah, the receipt thing was funny, but the description of "hot stud..." -well that was just comical. teehee :)

2abes said...

very funny, but what would have happedned if there were more that one asian women in the place?

Slyde said...

heff: well, at least ONE does...

chrisH: cmon.. its ME! i shouldnt have to wait very long at all...

yvonne: that was the one part of this post where i wasnt trying to be funny...

abes: then, they're fucked.

Anonymous said...

Sly and Slymso.
They got it on blogs about " Meesds" and Cho.
And who's to say that it's not French mob working it with Guy?
Certainly not Gross and not Berriro ; and it's because of Risa and Irene.
With " the Rocky" and Istanbul who has the " nick- name" - SS Stan.
And all that Arynammo got hooked to " Arenammo".
That's " Rene Colato" with Teressa 2 on City Ave . -6.
And if you can't believe Olah, who can you " belief"?
Take a trip to Penn Valley.
Seaing is believing.
And that's Sypenn.

Radioactive Tori said...

When I was little I remember my mom freaking out because something similar happened to her except it was labelled "bitchy lady". To be fair it was accurate(at that particular time not in general).