Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Like Girls!

No, not THAT kind of girls!

THOSE kinds of girls are yucky!  They're all curvy and bumpy and soft and stuff.... yuck!

No, i'm talking about THESE girls....

Please tell me there are other people out there watching this show!

Girls is a new series that began in March on HBO.

This show is SO totally out of my wheelhouse, that if you would have bet me before it first aired that I would completely hate it, i would have agreed with you.  But, since i love SO many damn shows that HBO produces, i reluctantly decided to at least give it a try.

Holy Bejeezus is this a fun show!  It centers on the lives of four young 20-something chicks all looking for love and trying to live their lives in big bad New York City.

It's kinda exactly like Sex In The City, except that it's not complete horseshit!

What really sets this show apart is that the writing is scathingly funny, and honest.  Where a show like Sex In The City continually painted those hags as perfect, jet-setting women with magically NO money troubles or any issues at all except who they were going to bang next, Girls really paints these chicks as typical selfish, self-obsessed, problem filled twenty somethings.

As i said, the writing is superb, and what is completely amazing to me is that is is all due to Lena Dunham, who plays central character Hannah on the show.  She is neurotic, quirky, and wickedly funny.

She also writes, directs, produces, and created the show.  And she's only 26 freaking years old!  She completely rocks and it blows my mind that someone so young is basically putting this show together almost singlehandedly.

Of course, I could do the same thing, but no television network has called me yet.  I keep pitching this great concept for a tv show.  It's about a gorgeous hunky guy, who goes around the country banging hot women. 

I haven't worked any out more of the plot yet, but i figure that should be enough to at least get me a pilot.


Heff said...

No thanks. I'll just continue watching "The Bad Girls Club", and slamming a beer every time one of them says "BITCH !!!"

Cocaine Princess said...

After that glowing review I'll have to check it out now!

Verdant Earl said...

You like girls? Does that make you a lesbian?

(I'm calling you a girl)

MarkD60 said...

I think you are the only one watching it.
I've never heard of it.
Both pix of girls looks fine to me!

sybil law said...

Anonymous has it all wrong. What a ickhead. It's obviously

sybil law said...

Oh, but I've never heard of the show. :)

Dr Zibbs said...

I love Girls! Except - not to be shallow - the main character is a dog.

And there was a great scene where this nerdy dude was flirting with a chick and you could tell she wanted it. But she couldn't make up her mind.

He walks up to her and two inches from her face says, "I'm a man. I'm going to F&%k you so good someday that you're going to cry."

The he walks away. Badass!

2abes said...

if you want your show to be honest and realistic, i'll have to be the lead. you could have a small cameo or something.

Radioactive Tori said...

I need to see this show, you are at least the third person to tell me about how great it is.

badgerdaddy said...

...and we all know how much you like pilots.

Lifeofkaylen said...

I haven't seen this show, but I will def check it out. I have never seen Sex and the City-cause I can't stand Sarah Jessica Parker.

Chris H said...

I haven't seen it... it's not on our TV down here. I hope we get it. It sounds good!