Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodbye Kristen

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you.

I really AM giving you one more post before i leave for the sunny shores of Jamaica.

See how i think of you? I'm always putting YOU and YOUR needs ahead of my own. I'm just a giver like that. But i think i need more out of this relationship than YOU are willing to give ME. I mean, I'm a person, dammit! I have feelings!! Until you grow up and leave your wife, i refuse to give it up in the back seat of your Pinto ever again!

Hold up. I think i am mixing up my blog posts with my text messages.

Where was I?

Let's begin again, shall we?

If you are a long time reader here, you might remember that i have this inexplicable love affair with Saturday Night Live. Even though it's rarely funny, I haven't missed an episode in about 10 years now and I've been watching it since the very first season.

Anyway, over the years, many talented people have come and gone on that old warhorse of a show, but Kristen Wiig, who ended her 7 year run this weekend, was one of my favorites.

It's no surprise that she finally decided to pack it in. She has been in more and more movies lately, and her little film "Bridesmaids" that she both wrote and starred in, went on to make a gazillion bucks, so it's probably the right time for her to fly the coop.

But darn it, I'm gonna miss her.

That girl is so darn talented, and from everything I've ever read of her, she's full of class, too.

Anyway, for SNL's season finale this weekend, they decided to end the show with a very touching tribute to Kristen. I'd be fibbing if i said this didn't choke me up a bit. Something i don't think that i could have EVER said before about Saturday Night Live.

Here's to you, Kristen. You're a class act and one funny bitch.


sybil law said...

That was a really sad goodbye. She's awesome.

Verdant Earl said...

It was cool, but a little weird too. Andy Samberg and Jason Sudekis are moving on too. At least Samberg had his Digital Short throwback with Chris Parnell doing Lazy Sunday 2. But it's almost like they didn't even acknowledge Sudekis leaving.

Slyde said...

sybil: yes, she is...

earl: agreed, but samburg and sudekis have not made anything official yet. Wiig's departure is the only one that is on the books yet..

Unknown said...

sad face

i loved her in Whip It too.

MarkD60 said...

I haven't watched SNL since the Belushi days, so, I've never heard of her. sorry.
Enjoy Jamaica.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

loved that.

Dr Zibbs said...

Love her. And did you see her caboose that movie? Oh baby.

Slyde said...

mark: never since Belushi? really? i think the late 80's, where the cast had Dana Carvey, Chris Rock, Mike Meyers, David Spade, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, kevin Nealan, and Phil Hartman was when they were at their best...

Candy: me 2

Zibbs: yes, a nice caboose it is...

Chantel said...

Agreed on all fronts.

Did someone say, "whip my caboose?"

Paticus said...

SNL needs more Spliff Sanders!!!

I Tivo and watch it on Sunday morning,and can sometimes get through it in 20 minutes.

I am also one of the few people who found Gilly funny.

As for Sudekis, I think the theory on him is he will be on in the fall to do Mitt Romney and then leave after the election, and maybe stay forever if Romney wins?