Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rites Of Passage

Sometimes, Mini-Me says something that absolutely makes my day.

The other day, we continued my indoctrination of him to the world of Star Wars.

As you know, each and every boy on the planet MUST watch all of these movies, and love them!  It's mandatory.

Technically, all you need to pass the test is to agree that episodes 4, 5, and 6 were awesome and episodes 1, 2, and 3 sucked balls, but that is a secondary requirement.

It’s a ritual of passage and we won’t let you into the “Man’s club” until a young lad finally submits and watches these films.

Anyway, we were sitting around Friday night watching “The Phantom Menace” (which he afterwards told me wasn’t nearly as good as the first 3… that’s my boy!), when he turns to me and said:

Mini-Me: Daddy, I love you. Thank you for watching movies with me.

Stud: I LOVE watching movies with you. Thank you for watching movies with me, too.

Mini-Me: And I love you and Mommy very much.

Stud: We love YOU very much, too!

Mini-Me: I have a very good life. I’m a happy kid.

Stud: I’m glad to hear that. I want you to be happy for your whole life.

Mini-Me: Well, so far I’m happy.

Stud: Well, good.

Mini-Me: Thanks a lot for making me. I really appreciate it.

Stud: Son, believe me, I had a great time doing it.


2abes said...

He's awesome. U r a lucky man. I shouldn't ever hear you complain again..about anything. Also need to sit that boy down and watch some Indiana Jones...except for the 4th...it sucked balls

Mrs. Hall said...


Slyde said...

abes: he's HOUNDING me to watch part 4... i cant avoid it.

holly: i know, RIGHT?

Heff said...

- verklempt - ....and pass the Pizza....

Chantel said...

What a doll! (someday he may regret hearing that) And the 4th Jones did indeed suck something fierce--just get someone to call you after 10 minutes and "step out" for the next two hours. (make sure he invites a pal over to watch it with you and you can be all, "you guys go ahead, I've already seen it...") Stupid crystal alien shit.

Slyde said...

heff: pizza sounds pretty good right about now.

Chantel: oh, ive spoken here plenty of times in the past about my absolute LOVE of indiana jones, and my absolute REVULSION of part 4. Damn you George Lucas! Damn you!!

Verdant Earl said...

Kid doesn't really know you yet, obviously. He'll learn to resent you like the rest of us.

sybil law said...

Now that's just cute. Especially that he knows which of the Star Wars movies are best. ;)

Unknown said...

this made my heart smile more than a lil bit.

i love that kids are amazingly zen and loving sometimes in ways that heal their grown folks' cracked souls.

loved this

SK Waller said...

That's priceless!

Yvonne said...

Reading this made me smile for a couple of reasons. First, because your mini you, sounds adorable! Kids have a knack for seeing things so simply and honestly. And second, duh! Star Wars and Indy movies rule!

MarkD60 said...

YOU shouldn't forget to thank your Wife for being born too. Got you off the streets

Slyde said...

earl: you're and angry little dwarf, arent you?

sybil: yup, hes a peach.

anna: thanks, babe..

steph: yup!

Yvonne: yes, there are special places in the cockles of my heart for those films. p.s. i just typed 'cock'.

Mark: who said i'm OFF the streets?

Susan Higgins said...

Reading things like this ALMOST makes me wish I had kids.

Radioactive Tori said...

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Earl ...

I couldn't come up with anything snarky in response to this. I appreciate you taking the lead!

Paticus said...

Very sweet.
Still trying to figure out when to introduce my daughters to "Star Wars". this summer they will be the age I was when I saw Episode IV(almost 7), so I'm thinking it might be time.
You watched 4, 5 & 6 with him first, right, and then the prequels?

Slyde said...

susan: doesnt it? most times, it's all worth it.

radio: :)

chris: dont coddle earl.. he's a leech like that

pat: yup... he kept insisting that we watch them in NUMBER order, but i put my foot down and explained to him that watching 4 first IS the right way to do it.

Cocaine Princess said...

Mini-Me sounds like an absolute doll.

Kate said...

You are one lucky dude, dude.

Jill said...

Too cute! And so thoughtful! I'm still waiting for any kid of mine to thank me for making him or her. It's a LOT of work (I just remembered...8 months ago).