Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Missing The Point

I love helping Mini-Me with his homework at night…. I really do.

But there are SOME days…… oh boy, are there SOME days….

Last night, he had to do a math sheet, and he just wasn’t getting it. He’s a smart little bugger, but sometimes he gets himself tripped up on word problems. I think, somewhere in the middle of the sentence, he just forgets what the Hell he was reading and completely loses site of what he was trying to figure out in the first place.

Sometimes, having to explain the same stuff over and over again begins to get irritating. And sometimes, after a long day of work, and coming home to a puppy that often seems to be more wolf than dog as he incessantly gnaws away at my socks while I’m trying to explain this stuff, I really start to lose my shit.

But then, my little man says something that brings me back to Earth.

Last night’s math conundrum:

“Billy goes to the store to buy a new pen. He gives the salesman $5.00, and gets 2 dimes, 1 nickel, and 2 pennies of change. How much did Billy pay for the pen?”

Stud: Ok son, did you figure out how to do the problem?

Mini-Stud: Yup, it was easy!

Stud: Ok, so what did you get for your answer?

Mini-Stud: $27!

Stud: -Sigh-

Mini-Stud: That’s not right?

Stud: No son, that’s not the right answer.

Mini-Stud: Hmmmmmmm. Ok, let me look at it and try again.

5 Minutes pass.

Mini-Stud: Ok, I got it!

Stud: Are you sure?

Mini-Stud: Yup, I see what I did wrong!  That was a silly mistake.

Stud: Ok, hit me…..

Mini-Stud: Billy won’t buy the pen because paying $27 for a pen is stupid!


Verdant Earl said...

Well, the change Billy received was 27 cents. So he wasn't just pulling a number out of his ass. There's that.

sybil law said...

What Earl said.
Also, Mini Me was technically right, I mean, if his answer was right. Who the hell would pay that much for a pen?
Damn, Actually, $5 for one pen is a rip-off. (I mean, $4.73)

Heff said...

The question was "how much did he pay for the PEN"

Removing sales tax, the pen was LESS THAN $ 4.73


BB said...

How cute. Reminds me of my granddaughters. Their little minds work so adorably don't they? Part wolf? That cute little puppy?

Slyde said...

earl: thanks Einstein! I KNOW where the fuck he got the 27 dollars from.... thats not the point tho, is it?

sybil: dont encourage earl...

heff: all these problems are done in a world where there is no sales tax

barb: yes, that cute little (and growing quickly) puppy

Unknown said...

*that* is the mutha fukin point.

Mini Me is a linear thinker. I like that.

Chantel said...

Damn dude, you are in for hell when he's 12, those butt-sucking problems get THREE PARAGRAPHS long!! I either tell him to wait till dad gets home, or make "tea."

Did the pen double as a magic wand? Vibrator? Swizzle stick??

Susan Higgins said...

Mini-Me is a future CEO!

Unknown said...

Well hmm...since mini-me is indeed your son, I'm not super surprised he came up with the last answer he did! ;)

meleah rebeccah said...

That? Was sofa king hilarious.

Jill said...

I have to applaud you for not hating helping with the homework in the first place, with or without the sock eating dog. Ugh. I miss the homework of the olden days that kids could reasonably be expected to do independently.

But anyway - VERY cute on his comment! :-)

2abes said...

Relish it now because when he hits fifth grade you won't understand his homework!

Slyde said...

anna: he certainly he... he floors me with his thought process...

chantel: yeah, doing the homework is always going to be MY thing... the wife cant handle the problems he's getting NOW....

susan: ....of ENRON!

Kristina: i sure was!

meleah: and you are sofa king sexy!

jill: nah, i LOVE doing homework with him at night, really. Its sometimes the only time at night that we get to spend together...

abes: i cant understand half of it NOW....

Radioactive Tori said...

I love his answer. It sounds like something my little man would write on a paper and turn in without telling me. I have 4 kids, so sometimes if he says he did it, I don't look at the homework before he turns it in. That is often a mistake because things like that get actually turned in. At least his teacher gets a nice laugh about it then.

AlleyCat Runs said...

Love the mini-stud logic :0)