Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Where I’m At

Hello, my lovely internet-ers! Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, and sexy holiday season.

I thought what better way to recap what’s been going on in my amazingly beautiful head than to serve up some tasty bullet-time, so here goes….

- I have officially done it! As I mentioned a month or so ago, I was looking for ideas for my audition video for the upcoming Survivor auditions, and since last week was the first round of the open casting call, I created a video and submitted it. Much to my teenage-girl-like glee, CBS has accepted my video and I am now one of 2300 people who will be judged before moving on to the next level of auditions. How cool is that shit? Later on this week, If I’m feeling brave enough, I’ll probably throw up a link to the video here.

- The saga of the gerbils continues. As you recall, I bought Mini-Me 2 gerbils for his birthday in November. Someone needs to explain the birds and bees to me again, because somehow, in the span of 1 month, the 2 became 9. Anyone want a lovable rodent as a pet? No? How about 7 then? Still no? Fuck.

- Christmas with Mini-Me was once again a total blast. It is so unbelievably cool to celebrate Christmas with a small person who still thinks that his presents are being given to him by a magical fat man. I get sad when I think that I probably don’t have many more Christmases left where he’ll still believe that. This could even be the last one. Sniff.

- Yesterday marked my first day back at work in almost 3 weeks. I’m not sure if any of you realize this, but working for a living kinda blows. I’d much rather be doing what I was doing LAST week at this time….namely sitting on the couch in my underwear watching cheesy horror movies filled with naked chicks with naked boobies on Netflix. Instead, I’m sitting here in my office, where I unfortunately am FORCED to wear more than my underwear. It probably explains why I’m such a pissy mood.

- Realizing how much I really DO detest working makes me want to be on Survivor all the more. And let’s all be honest…. Wouldn’t all just DIE to see me running around a tropical island in a loincloth?

That’s all for now, my lovelies. Let’s hope that 2011 keeps us all happy, healthy, employed, and sane.


Young and Fabulous said...

Wooo survivor! Time to start thinking of other ways to use that bandanna they give everyone because as of now, i've seen about 50 different uses for it!

CONGRATS!!! Put up the vid!


Brittany said...

You would make me a survivor fan! I would even sport a t-shirt with your face on it!

I'm just sayin :)

sybil law said...

Congrats on your Survivor thingamajig!
I've never watched a show, but I do know that they go to tropical islands, right? If they do, I'll visit! Haha
Seriously - that's cool.
Maybe you could turn work into "Survivor: Work Edition". Then you could wear a loincloth!

Verdant Earl said...

Well, I've seen the video...AND IT'S FANTASTIC!!! Definitely a little something for the ladies and the gay men out there. Our buddy Slyde will certainly be one of the Top 10. Then it's up to us Internet folk to vote him on.

But I'd like to know about the horror films on Netflix you watched. There were boobies?

Anonymous said...

Went through 133 pages of videos, didn't see yours, and then realized, it wasn't really worth it anyway.

Post the link already.

Marlene said...

I hope you make it on, and win the big pot at the end. Then I can finally say, "I know someone famous!" Heehee!

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah. this might be the last year of believing for Pancake.


I hope you get this crazy audition tape through the channels. I would totally vote for you over and over again cause DAYUM!!

ok good times!

Vinomom said...

I know I've been MIA but I do still read my faves - Just wanted to comment that it DOES totally suck when your kid stops believe in the Magic Fat Man. This was my first year and my daughter is 10. I know I probably got away w/ more years than a lot of parents though.

I hope you do get on Survivor cuz I can be like "I know that guy - I mean I READ that guy!" and that would be totally cool.

SK Waller said...

You made the cut--hope you sail through the others. I'm rooting for you!

Mrs. Hall said...

pancake is insane with the mario galaxy. you HAVE to crack that cellophane. it's a crazy weird world.

my jaw is dropping half the time with that game.


Mrs. Hall said...

pancake is insane with the mario galaxy. you HAVE to crack that cellophane. it's a crazy weird world.

my jaw is dropping half the time with that game.


Slyde said...

young and fab: yeah, im thinking of using it as a bannana hammock! yeah, vid later this week.

brit: i just might hold ya to that....

sybil: yeah, tropical islands are pretty much the norm... i dont think theyll let me have any visitors though :(

earl: i cant find ANY fucking sarcasm in your response..... im not sure how to handle that

Slyde said...

chris: not worth it? what the hell ELSE have you got to do today?

marlene: you and me both... i need to get on. badly.

mrs hall: well, if by some miracle i DO make it to the next level, BELIEVE ME i will be hitting up all my blogging buds to vote for me..

vino: Hey, i thought you'd given up on the blogging world! How the heck are ya?

steph: thanks! im keeping my fingers crossed.

holly: ok, you sold me. Maybe tonight.

meleah rebeccah said...

Im so excited for you and the audition tape! I hope you get the gusto to post it here for us to see it!

Sorry to hear about the gerbil drama.

Im so happy you had such a lovely Christmas. That's awesome.

Working does suck - and it's especially difficult to go back to work after such an extended break!

Happy New Year, Slyde!

AlleyCat Runs said...

I've never been a survivor fan but I'd watch it if you was in it!!! How very exciting!!!!!

Try to keep your pants on at work eh????

AlleyCat Runs said...
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AlleyCat Runs said...

PS I'm sure I warned you about the gerbils!!!!

Copyboy said...

Hey that's what I prefer to do on my days off as well. Darn wife and her errands. BTW...made you new blog of the day.

Slyde said...

meleah: thanks hon!

alley: you had damn well BETTER watch it if i was on! :)

copy: thanks, mate! i'll be checking out yours today :)

Radioactive Tori said...

I hope you make it! How awesome would that be? I am going to think really good thoughts and hope really hard. For some reason this is more exciting to me than when I was going to be on Miami Ink...maybe because I am totally camera shy and would have kind of hated it even though I would have loved it. Good luck! Also? Post the video!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Hi, consider me a new stalker! Found you through Copyboy, who also discovered me this past week. Loved what I've read so far.

Cocaine Princess said...

Considering how many audition tapes CBC must receive making it to the next round is one awesome accomplishment. Congratulations and here's hoping you make it all the way through!

I think it's pretty sweet too when kids still believe in Santa Claus. So innocent....

Poetry of the Day said...

those are some nice bullets right there

Patricia said...

Good stuff is going on for you!

Nat said...

Wow....good luck with your Survivor quest! Hope you make it through...it would be so cool to "know" one of the contestants.
If you do get through, you may want to smuggle a few of those gerbils along....they'd be a handy source of food...I'm not suggesting how you smuggle them though :-)

Slyde said...

radio: hey, being on Maimi Ink would have been pretty damn cool!

barb: hey, welcome! and thanks!

cocaine: yeah, i'd like to know how many they had to choose from, thats for sure...

poetry: arent they, tho?

cupcake: i sure as heck HOPE so!

nat: see? we almost went thru all the comments without ONE "gerbil up the ass" joke...

Bruce Johnson said...

Dude, if you actually DO make it onto Survivor, I will actually hook back up cable just to watch you. (and that says a lot)