Thursday, January 20, 2011

Should I Break Up With American Idol?

Ever since season 2, I have watched American Idol.

For the life of me, I don’t think I’d be really able to tell you why I started watching it in the first place.

I’m not a big music fan, and I have never been able to stomach ‘talent’ competitions, like the Miss America Pageant, or Star Search, or their ilk.

But back in Season 2, I decided to tune in one night to see what all the hoopla was about. It was one of their first episodes of the season, back when it is still the ‘early’ phase of the show when they parade out an army of mutants and trolls for us all to laugh at. Headed by the caustic Simon Cowell’s biting remarks, I found it funny. Funny enough to tune in again, anyway. Then again. And again.

Cut to 8 years later and I am astounded that I have watched every episode since. I say ‘astounded’ because, over the years, the more I’ve watched the show, the more it aggravates me.

And now, with this new season, the inarguable BEST part of the show, Simon, has left, to be replaced by Jennifer Lopez (who everyone in the world says is the biggest bitch-like diva the universe has ever known), and Stephen Tyler (who, let’s be honest, on a GOOD day, is about as unintelligible as David Lee Roth and HIS ramblings).

And don’t even get me started on the fact that there is a 5 minute commercial break every 6 minutes or so, or the fact that the results show, which has ONLY 1 purpose (to tell us who is getting kicked off that week), now PAINFULLY stretches to ONE HOUR! Holy shit, by the end of that hour I just want to reach through my television and donkey punch Ryan Seacrest right in his balloon-knot!

So, given all this negativity, why in the world would I continue to watch it this season?


He absolutely LOVES watching it with me. Admittedly, I think the main reason he ‘likes’ it so much, is because on the days it’s on, I let him stay up after his bed-time to watch it.

But damn it all, he is just SO damn cute sitting next to me on the couch in his Spider-Man pajamas, as we watch ass-hat after ass-hat warble out a Jason Mraz tune. And as annoyingly frustrating as the show is, it is one of the few ‘family’ shows that we can sit down and watch together.

And it means SO damn much to him for us to watch it.


Oh, fuck it all.


sybil law said...

Well, you big pussy, you CAN'T stop watching it now, can you?!
Using Mini Me like that - for shame!

I do enjoy the auditions, but holy hell I cannot STAND AI. Ugh.

Mrs. Hall said...

i was ready to say forget it, make a clean break, rip it off like a bandaid.


there's the mini me.

you're screwed.

enjoy the j. lo fun.


Verdant Earl said...

Replace the time that you spend watching American Idol with watching cartoons or anything on Netflix Instant. You'll still have the same time together and he really won't miss it very much. Better yet, start playing some boardgames with him. It's about time he inherited his father's business, er, hobby.

BB said...

Fun post. My Bruce goes insane on the 6 / 5 minute thing with commercials. I think he's going to crack one day!!

Vinomom said...

Television can be a great way to bond and shows like American Idol are way better than cartoons or whatever, because at least AI sparks some conversation. I need to find a new show to bond over with Lady H. Her newest kick? Untold Stories of the ER.

I haven't watched AI since the third or fourth season. I just lost interest, especially after stupid Taylor Hicks beat out Catherine McFee

Marlene said...

I miss Simon's caustic remarks, too. He was the reason I watched the show, mainly.

Have to admit, Steven Tyler pleasantly surprised me with a few laughs last night, though!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Oh man, I missed the first show? I'm not good with keeping up with TV schedules. And I watch mainly to see who wins, so I can smugly decide (in my mind) if they deserved it. LOL.

badgerdaddy said...

Where does the term ass-hat come from? I like it. I think I first encountered it on Anna's blog, Annaland (This is my blog, dawg).

Cocaine Princess said...

I watched seasons 1-3 like a religious nut and then I don't know, it just slolwy died out for me.
I caught the season premiere of this season only because I wanted to see the dynamic between J~Lo, Steve Tyler and Randy.

Aww Slyde, you're such a softee when it comes to your adorable Mini~Me. You're such a sweet daddy!

Cocaine Princess said...

P.S. Who's the guy in the picture beside J~Lo?

Jill said...

I've seen that show once or twice and I did kind of like it because it had singing and dancing. But I don't think I could see it on a regular basis. Then again, I can barely watch the little three minute long videos people put on their blogs & facebook and stuff, much less whole programs.

Raquel's World said...

I only watch occasionally. But I have to say that the "5 minutes of commercials for every 6 minutes of viewing was my most annoying part. That and the fact that they can draaaaag out an announcement for like 3 segments. And although I have the luxury of my DVR which allows me to skip commercials having to press my thumb so much gave me a cramp.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

meleah rebeccah said...

Dont hate, but I LOVE American Idol. And I REALLY REALLY REALLY love the crazies during the auditions!

Radioactive Tori said...

I have two thoughts on this. First is that my kids used to love it because they got to stay up late too. Second is that when I was little I remember pretending to love Lawrence Welk because then I got to stay up late. I guess it's just a kid thing. Good for you for watching it and making him happy! You are a great dad and he will probably remember this when he's an adult.

Bruce Johnson said...

Haven't watched it for several years. The commercials drove me away. Too much advertising (both overt and subliminal - I loved that ALL the judges had to drink out of Coke Cup...classic).

And who the hell is the dude on the far right in the picture, don't know who the hell that is.

Slyde said...

to everyone who wanted to know what the dude on the right's name is... im honestly too lazy to look it up, but he is the mentor for the entire season this year. He's some big-shot record guy, and they are choosing to use him each week instead of using all those non-relevant people that they used to, like neil diamond and liza minelli.