Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's The Great Pumpkin!

What's this?

I NEVER post two days in a row?

This is madness!


NO, THIS ..... IS..... SPARTA!!!!!!

Wait, what was I posting about?

Oh yeah......

Today, and today only, my submissive prison bitch Earl is running a Pumpkin Carving contest. 

If I wasn't such a selfish prick I probably should have posted about it here earlier, so you all could have sent in your submissions.

But, since ONE of those submissions is from Yours Truly, having even MORE entries would have hurt my chances to win. 

And I need to win.  Oh yes, I do need to win.

After all, winning nothing but Hot Body contests over and over again begins to get stale after a while.  I'd like to change things up a bit and win something that focuses on my creativity over my killer pecs.

Anyway, head on over there from THIS link and vote!  The contest ends at midnight today, so get your sexy buns over there NOW!

Which pumpkin is MINE, you might ask?

Easy!  It's the BEST one!


savannah said...

i voted for #6, sugar! xoxo

sybil law said...

MINE is better, Slyde.
Keep to your hot body contests, pretty boy.


Verdant Earl said...

That isn't me in the picture...but I'd hit it.

Heff said...

Vote Early and Often !

Chris H said...

So, which one is yours then????
Can't give you the vote without knowing which one to vote for... oh no.. hold on.. I already did vote... bet it wasn't your's either!

The Invisible Seductress said...

I voted......can we see a pic of a hot body contest tho?

just sayn'

Cocaine Princess said...

I voted but not saying which one!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh man. Sorry I missed the voting deadline!

Tamara said...

That pic is hilarious. I missed the voting, but I'm off to see the pumpkins anyway.