Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The End Of My Rope

I’ve just about had it.

As I have mentioned/bitched/ranted about previously, there is something wrong with this site.

And no, you wiseasses, I don’t mean that there is obviously something wrong with this site because its ME running it…..

…. I mean that there has been, for over 2 months now, something going on with this site that is preventing a large amount of you all from getting here.

When I first started getting emails from some people saying that they couldn’t get here anymore, I dismissed them as kooks. After all, only kooks come here, right?

But as the emails and Facebook messages continued to come in, I started to realize that maybe these people weren’t so kooky after all.

Being the Take Charge kind of stud that I am, at first I did what I always do when there is an immediate crisis. I pretended that it wasn’t happening and hoped it would just fix itself and go away.

It hasn’t.

I have tried speaking with my domain hosting company, who tell me that they don’t see anything wrong, and think it must be a Google thing.

I have tried posting on the Google Blogger forums, and the general consensus by the asshats who think hanging out in Google forums all day is cool is that they have never heard of such a problem, have no idea what it could be, and were generally NO help whatsoever.

Whatever it is, it’s an odd problem to be sure. Some of you are getting a PAGE CAN NOT BE DISPLAYED error when you try to come here. Some of you are getting a DNS Unresolved Hostname error. Some of you can come here, but are unable to leave a comment. Some of you can read me fine and dandy in your feed readers, but get any combination of the above errors when you actually try to come here.

And some of you can still get here with no problems whatsoever. My own work computer gives me the DNS error, but I can still get here fine from home.

I am officially stumped. Granted, thinking isn’t my strong suit. I’m really all looks and no brains.

But regardless, I have to do something, anything, to get us back on track here.

I am going to go to war ONE MORE TIME with my domain hosting company, because I really believe the issue is with them. I’ll likely do this sometime this week. In the meanwhile, if you ARE having trouble getting here, could you please email me at apedone at optonline dot net and tell me exactly what error you are getting (exact message, work computer or home computer, when exactly you get the error, etc)? I will try to compile any info you guys give me and pass it along.

Provided THAT gets me nowhere (which is likely), I am forced to start thinking about just creating a new blog, and importing all the content over to the new one, and trying to start over. My fear in THAT regard is that once I redirect SLYDESBLOG to the new site, I am going to start having the same problems.

If THAT happens, if you open your bedroom window just a crack, wherever you live, you will undoubtedly hear me screaming my bloody head off.

I hope it doesn’t come to me having to switch blogs. I’d lose all my followers, and I’m not sure how it would affect all you sexy things that subscribe to me in your feed readers.

But all those problems are secondary to fixing this issue once and for fucking all.

Does ANYBODY have ANY ideas? Im all ears (and biceps, of course).


sybil law said...

That's really weird - I have no issues getting here and commenting at all.
If you get a new site, everyone can just add it to their feedreaders. Easy.
Best luck!

Verdant Earl said...

Just give up. No one is reading anyway. You can start guest-posting over at my blog. Just like I used to do over here. And then the circle will finally be complete. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!!

meleah rebeccah said...

I have no clue what could be wrong! But, thankfully, I've never had an issue getting into or reading your blog.

Tamara said...

I'm useless at this stuff. But it's fine from South Africa. I'll follow you to a new blog if you move, of course. You can't get rid of the stalkers that easily ;-)

Susan Higgins said...

Maybe your site is too sexy and blocking readers from reading you?

I never have a problem reading you - we have Verizon Fios as our provider.

SK Waller said...

I've never had any problem accessing your blog. Accessing your mind is quite a different matter, however.

Real Live Lesbian said...

None of the seven of us have an issue. Of course, we don't, right? That's why we're here.

Hope everything works out and that photo of my huge boobs finally comes through.

Jill said...

I've never had a problem. Do you know what browser the people who are having problems are using? I'm using firefox, which sometimes acts up for some sites that explorer likes, but for yours it's doing just fine.

AlleyCat Runs said...

I've not had any trouble - other than your "leave a message" dissapearing right when I had a good joke to tell you in person!

I've got no idea how to fix your probs. Larry & Bill have no idea either (my biceps are just not very good at computer stuff!)

Marlene said...

Have you narrowed down whether it's people with a certain browser (i.e., I.E.) that are having a hard time getting here? I'm surfing with Mozilla Firefox and have never had an issue with your blog.

Just a thought, though maybe it's too elementary to even pursue.

terri said...

I agree with Marlene. I had problems accessing several blogs, all of a sudden, maybe a year or so ago. And it was ongoing. The same problems you described were happening. Either I couldn't access the blog or couldn't leave a comment. Then I stopped using I.E. and switched to Google Chrome and have never had that problem since.

Heff said...

I use both I.E.8 AND Mozilla Firefox (depending on if I'm P.M.S.ing or not), and can access your site just fine with either one (although I.E.8 IS slower and gives me more painful menstrual cramps and a heavier, chunky flow).

I agree that your problem probably stems from your domain host. (why are you bothering with a dot com for a fucking blog anyway?)

Keep THIS IN MIND - If you start a new blog and import your "data" over, NOT ONLY will you lose your Follower list, but ALSO your beloved existing comments.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I don't have problems here. If you did switch to a different site, all your regular readers who CAN get here could post the new info on their blogs (I would do that), so if we had any same readers, it would get the word out. Good luck, I hope you can figure out the sitch soon!

Verdant Earl said...

@Heff - Actually, if he moves imports his blog into wordpress.com it will transfer all posts AND comments. His followers list will go by the wayside, however.

Unknown said...

I can't say I've had any problems with your site... If you do move, let me know!

Cocaine Princess said...

That's really strange and it's unfortunate many can't get to your site but so far I haven't had any problems.

Anonymous said...

well my internet fuct out for a moment (so couldn't access you from work...) but I can get you from home now just fine. You might have an age restriction or be filed under some name that the domain isn't being picked up- like you know... some naughty sites... but you're fine from home.

I hope you get to figuring it out. But like tamara... I'll follow you anywhere :P Just let all of us know

Anonymous said...

Yeah - like Earl said -- if you import into Wordpress (as, someone once advised you to do, about 2 years ago... hmmm...), you will retain your posts and comments.

The problem will be keeping your followers. Obviously, once you decide to make the move, you should probably make a post here with the effective date. After that, anyone who reads in Google Reader can resubscribe.

(once again...if people only listened to me first...)

Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

Chris H said...

I have never had a problem acessing your blog ( hmmm... wonder why I'm glad about that?)... so, if you do move somewhere else, freaking well let me know dude! I would hate to miss reading your drivel. lol

Anonymous said...

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