Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten – HUT!

So, I’m driving Mini-Me to swimming class at the YMCA last night, and we were talking about his day in school:

Studly: Hey, how was school today?

Mini-Me: Good, daddy!

Studly: Did you have fun at recess?

Mini-Me: Yup, a whole bunch of us played “Army” again!

Studly: Again? You guys have been playing that a lot.

Mini-Me: Yeah, we play it every day at recess.

Studly: You really like playing army, then?

Mini-Me: Well, it’s ok, I guess…

Studly: Just “ok”? Why don’t you like it?

Mini-Me: Well, it’s Anthony…..

Studly: Your friend, Anthony? I thought he was one of your best friends…

Mini-Me: He is, daddy…. It’s just that he’s really not fun to play Army with.

Studly: Why not?

Mini-Me: Well, he’s really bossy. He just tells us all what to do, and it’s annoying.

Studly: Well, why don’t you just tell him to stop?

Mini-Me: I can’t.

Studly: You can’t? Why the heck not?

Mini-Me: Because he’s a Sergeant!

Sometimes, he can make me laugh at the most unexpected times.
I had to take him out to Ralphs for a Bubblegum Ice for that bit of funny…..


Heff said...

Anthony's last name isn't "Hulka" is it ?

Tamara said...

LOL. That's too cute! Wish I could give him a big hug. Although, never having met me, that might freak him out a bit.

Btw, do you ever check back when you've commented on other bloggers' posts? Just wondering whether it's worth responding to your comments or not ;-) Hehehehe...

sybil law said...


Slyde said...

heff: ah, an old time WWF joke! love it!

tamara: honestly, i TRY to remember the blogs where ive posted something that i;d like to see an answer to, but with so many blogs out there, i have to admit that i dont check back often enough...

sybil: ho ho ho

Verdant Earl said...

Actually, Heff made a "Stripes" joke. Warren Oates played Sgt. Hulka, the Big Toe, in that one. You are probably thinking of Sgt. Slaughter.

You should get him into an ROTC program ASAP. That way, he'll be an officer soon and Sgt. Anthony will report to him. See how he likes being bossed around!

Heff said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Earl.

Damn Slyde, you're really batting a thousand here lately, lol !!

Slyde said...

earl: i have a feeling ROTC will not be in his future..

heff: yeah, i suck lately. I was just talking about my love of stripes this weekend, too.

boo me....

Brittany said...



He is too funny for words!

HOW clever!

Susan Higgins said...

Almost makes me want to have a kid... key word here... almost!

Great story.

Slyde said...

brit: hes my little boy :)

sue: hey, stranger... yeah, me makes my day :)

Chris H said...

Your wee man needs a promotion higher than a Sergeant then! Promote him!
Kids are just so cute eh... especially when they are ASLEEP.

Marlene said...

Too cute!!!

meleah rebeccah said...

Awwwww! That was too cute!

Jill said...

Too cute!

Tamara said...

Well, I too stopped back to reply ;-)

Heff said...

/ | \
- -
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
/ \
/ \
| |
| | |

Heff said...

Fuck, that didn't work....I've got more girth than that....

Olivia said...

I love kids. They are by far the most intelligent people on the planet.

Anonymous said...

LO friggin ell. You have just added a brownie point to my having children debate. How friggin ca-ute! XD

Cocaine Princess said...

Too darn cute for words!

Cocaine Princess said...

P.S. I came back to read your label--- outstanding!!