Friday, June 04, 2010

Summer Lovin’

Now that the Spring TV season is officially over, and I have nothing new to watch, I have once again started doing something I undertake just about every summer.

I’m not talking about winning another Coppertone Hot Body contest. That gets old pretty fast. I have no room left in the house to put yet ANOTHER trophy, and it really isn’t even remotely fair to the other contestants.

No, I’m talking about my summer ritual of trying to watch a TV series in its entirety that for whatever reason I never watched when it was originally on the air.

Three Summers ago, I watched the entire run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Two Summers ago, I watched Arrested Development.

Last Summer, I watched The Shield and Spaced.

This Summer I have decided to put two shows on the docket.

The first show I’ll be watching is Angel.

It’s very strange that I had never watched this, since I am a big fan of everything Joss Whedon, and have watched pretty much every single episode of everything else he has ever done.

I think it’s because, while I loved Buffy, I never really cared for Angel as a character.

Angel is this kick-ass, 200 year old vampire, who was once a vicious, remorseless killer, but has now been cursed by gypsies into having a soul.

The problem I always had with Angel is the way David Boreanaz plays him. When he is “good” Angel, he’s just a boring, emotionless lump. And when he’s “bad” Angel, he’s kind of an idiot. He’s just mean for the sake of being mean, and most of the time his “evil”-ness is so transparent and dopey that it makes me laugh more than cringe.

That said, I am still enjoying the series, mostly because of the way Angel’s supporting cast compliments our brooding main character quite splendidly. I just got through the first season, and while I thought a handful of the episodes were pure camp and silly, there was enough there to keep me interested.

Plus, I’m a big enough fan of Joss’ to know that he usually needs a sub-par 1st season to really get his storylines in gear.

The other big nut I’m going to try to crack before this summer is up is to finally watch The Wire.

When The Wire first premiered on HBO back in the 90’s, I was excited to start watching it. I was a HUGE fan of HBO’s other gritty show, Oz, and was hopeful that this was going to be more of the same.

I remember watching the very first episode, hating it, and never giving it another look. I also remember most of the reviews for that first episode all agreed with my assessment of how crappy it was.

Then, months later, I began to hear from people who stuck with it, who said that it really had gotten much better. As season after season passed, I only heard better and better things about it. I know many people who now consider it one of the best shows ever on Television.

So, I’m big enough to admit I MIGHT have been wrong about this one. I just watched the first episode again last night, and I’m willing to concede that it wasn’t quite as bad as I remember.

Or maybe, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve just lowered my standards a bit.

It would certainly explain some things.


The Invisible Seductress said...

I just want to say two things...1. I now am daydreaming about your Coppertone body and would like a pic...wink... and 2. Now that damn summer lovin' song is in my brain, and thats just wrong..

Hugs to a sweet man

Brittany said...

I want to finish up the weeds series.. and catch up on gossip girl!

Ya.. :) I'm girly like that!

Mrs. Hall said...

Everyone is telling me to watch "Nurse Jackie" for some reason. (maybe cause I'm a nurse)

This will be the thing I'll watch next. But first I gotta prepare myself. I usually get so caught up int shows I lose a lot of time to myself a bit.

good luck on your Angel show. :)

Heff said...

Heff has NEVER seen even 1 episode of Buffy, or Angel, and that trend will continue, because I'm vampired OUT.

Slyde said...

seductress: a pic can be arranged. you will NOT be dissapointed.

brit: Weeds is on my to-do list as well. its on my netflix instant queue. gossip girl? not so much.

Holly: from what ive seen of nurse jackie, i dont think it will do it for me.

heff: vampires are ok, but zombies are the shit!

Vinomom said...

I love this ritual of yours! What a great idea. We did the whole Dexter seasons 1 through 3 on DVD - and we started renting Parks and Rec on Netflix recently. Do you watch Dexter? Seems right up your alley.

The one I would like to see is the other one with Michael C Hall in it, Six Feet Under. But I have a hard enough time just trying to keep up with the few shows I watch that are still on!

I've never seen The Wire but I know it was filmed right here in Baltimore.

Slyde said...

Vino: Dexter rules! i've been watching it faithfully for a few years now.

I HIGHLY recommend Six Feet Under. Outstanding series. and ive said it here before.. the finale to that show was the best series finale of any show... ever.

Kirsty said...

Re: Angel. Those darn gypsies! (Is that REALLY the storyline??)

Kate said...

I want to watch Weeds! And Six Feet Under. And The Sopranos.. I know, old news. Can you tell I don't have HBO or Showtime?

Summer lovin' la dee dee da.. Thanks for getting that stuck in my head.

badgerdaddy said...


Slyde said...

kirsty: yuppers. He was a mean SOB and once killed a gypsy girl, so the family cursed him to have a soul, so now hes all tortured and emo and shit.

kate: weeds is on my list. While the sopranos was good, i was never an uber fan.

badger: always.

Cat said...

Wow, we have some viewing in common! I'm on season 1 of Arrested Development now, I'm on season 3 of Buffy (I switch back and forth depending on mood, lol) and I've seen all the Angels because it came on at 5am and that's when I used to go to the gym. I got up to season 4 of The Wire over Christmas, but I burned out and plan to go back to it in a few months.

I'm gonna assume if you're a Whedon fan you've seen Firefly- I just watched a few months ago and loved it.

Bruce Johnson said...

As for me, I have a two pronged goal this summer. I have been mining a treasure trove of old 1920 and 1930 pre-code cinema from Warner Brothers and Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer that I have found on Usenet, that I have distilled town to watch on my Android.....

....and I finally got my hands on a Sony eReader and have about 13 books downloaded onto it. Still figuring out all the details on it yet, but so far, it is pretty darn sweet. Testing it out with 'Whirlwind', the untold story of the carpet bombing of Japan in WWII.

Slyde said...

cat: that certainly IS freaky! we're watching the same stuff. And yes, im a big firefly/serenity fan.

bruce: i got a sony e-reader for christmas. its very nice, but i ended up returning it since i listen to most of my books on my ipod, and get them from the library to load the ipod up for free.

Marlene said...

Note to self: Do not send 19 year old daughter to read this post cuz she will track Slyde down and kick his ass for knocking her idol, David B.

Note to Slyde: Post the coppertone pics. :)

sybil law said...

My summer is spent at the pool and drinking too much alcohol.

Slyde said...

marlene: you think she can take me?

sybil: i do that too. Most of my movie watching happens before noon.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Looks like some good viewing.

I can highly recommend Nurse Jackie and Weeds...the first 3 seasons of Weeds though. It has since jumped shark.

Slyde said...

candy: really? i had heard that its stayed pretty constant.

Shania said...

I'm doing Dexter this summer. Well, not 'doing' Dexter, sadly, bc MCH is hawt! I just replaced my series dvd's of Six Feet Under so I was thinking of a repeat there. Agreeing with you on the finale.

Slyde said...

shania: see? i always knew you had good taste :)

Chris H said...

I think you should just do the Coppertone thing again.. and post photos... it's boring watching Tv in summer! Get out there and tan the bod!

Verdant Earl said...

Season 2 of Angel is a lot of fun. I'm in the middle of it (and season 5 of Buffy) right now.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the Angel front. I won't watch the series because David B epitomizes the kind of vampire I don't like- softy with the emotional capacity of the yoke bit of a sunny side up when he should be a hard ass, untouchable, the sun is scared to shine on me, vampire.

Thats why I didn't watch Buffy either.

I'm officially following you now. You are hilarious :D

Slyde said...

chris H: those pics might burn out your monior....

earl: i hope so.. i'll be starting Angel s2 this week

paula: thanks! and i concur. more true-blood type vampires, less eclipse-type ones...

Cocaine Princess said...

I watched the entire Buffy series but for some reason I never got hooked on the spin off series Angel.

meleah rebeccah said...

"Two Summers ago, I watched Arrested Development."

And how much did you LOVE it? It's one of my favorites!

Nej said...

I thought I had watched all of the Angel episodes...until I started going to the gym every am. One of the tv's is always playing Angel episodes.

I must have stopped watched after the first season or something, I don't remember 99% of the ones they are playing.

I might have to rent them and watch this summer as well. I missed so much! :-)