Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Slyde's Anniversary Week Celebration, Day 2

Today's Celebratory post comes from none other than my prison bitch, B.E. Earl. Its kinda freaky that his pick for his favorite post of mine was one that i was going to put up today anyway. It's like we share the same brain (which might explain a lot).


Hey kids! It's B.E. Earl here with my first guest post on Slydesblog in almost four years. Slydesblog was my original blogging home, ya see. Like a lot of my favorite hobbies (comic-book conventions, Magic: The Gathering, gay sex, etc...), Slyde was the very first person to introduce me to the joys of blogging. He started this little site five years ago, and he immediately wanted me to join in on the fun. So I was a commenter for the first month or two, interacting with the 3-4 other people who somehow knew he and his blog existed.

Then he confessed to me that he really had no idea what he wanted to write about on a daily/weekly basis. Or he was just too lazy to actually sit down and do it. Or he was beta-testing the new Lord of the Rings online multi-player online role playing game. Whatever it was, he needed some help. And I'm all about helping my fellow hobbit.

So I started guest-posting here. A few movie reviews, a few book reviews, then some dick and fart jokes. You know how we do. That went on for about a year, and little old Slydesblog started to blossom. We were actively reading other blogs and having oodles of fun interacting with the community. Those were the days of wine and roses.

But like all things, it had to end sometime. That sometime was August of 2006...when I started my own blog! Yeah, I know. This old blog is still here, but the quality of things? No comparison. I think you all would agree.

But enough about me and my vastly superior blog. No, this guest-post is meant to celebrate Slyde and his five-year anniversary here. So congratulations, little buddy. Here's wishing you five more years of dick and fart jokes!

And in the meantime, I pasted below one of my favorite posts ever on Slydesblog. Well, besides the couple of dozen that I wrote for him. Naturally.

The 10 Most Embarrassing Moments Of My Life (So Far)
Originally Posted June 26, 2008

Not much more to explain beyond the title, is there?

I was driving to work today, and I was thinking of some of the more embarrassing things that have happened to me over the years. I’m sure if I REALLY thought about it, this list would be different (and longer), but doing so might propel me into therapy, so let’s just stick with these for now.

So, in no particular order:

10) When I was in 6th grade, my school took a class trip to the Statue of Liberty. I was proud that my mother was going along with us as one of the class chaperones. I bragged about it all week in school. So, we got to the statue and my mom and our group of 6 kids start to climb up. My mother, true to form, got a panic attack before we even got to the FEET, and we all had to come back down. This was the focal point for many wedgies and ass-kickings in school for me for a few years.

9) In the early 90’s, I got caught having sex at work. Not “in the act”, but only because I was able to hear the door open and we got ourselves semi-respectable fast, but it was still obvious to the person who caught us (thankfully a friend) what we were doing. The only positive thing about this story was that I was not caught by my co-worker (and future nemesis) Earl.

8) In my junior year of college, I was sitting around with my roommates watching MTV, when the Bon Jovi video for “Bad Medicine” came on. When it was over, for SOME reason I’ll never know (or admit to), I muttered aloud, “You know, Richie Sambura is a good looking guy!”. Yeah, that was a smart thing to say to a room full of drunk guys.

7) One day in Junior High, I went off to gym class, and while stripping down in the locker room, the entire boys class was treated to seeing me in my Incredible Hulk Underoos. My mother had not been able to do laundry that week, so that was the only thing I had that was clean, and I had gotten my schedule wrong and didn’t remember I had gym that day until it was too late.

6) For a while I was dating this wild chick who LOVED to talk dirty in bed. I kinda like that too, but this chick was a FREAK for it. I often found it hard to keep up with her inventive vocabulary. Anyway, one night while we were in bed, she was screaming at me to say something dirty to her, and all I could come up with was “I’m gonna stick my C#*K in your P#*#Y!” (side note – I don’t know why I just censored myself, since I fucking curse on fucking here all the fucking time, but now that I’m looking at it, I think its fucking funnier this way so I’m fucking leaving it that way). Anyway, she got me so rattled that what I ENDED UP yelling was “You’re gonna stick your C*#K in my P*##Y!”. I don’t think I will ever forget the shrinkage-inducing look she gave me at that moment.

5) Getting kicked out of a room full of about 500 Star Trek nerds after I drunkenly stood up and told George Takei (Mr. Sulu) that he should name his new autobiography after his small penis. You can read all about THAT glorious moment HERE.

4) When I was 19, my friends and I were all grungy long-haired types, until one of my gang got accepted to Annapolis Naval Academy, where they made him a clean cut weapon of the military. He invited us to come to his commencement ceremony, so we all drove to Maryland to visit. I felt very uncomfortable with all the groomed and clean cut youths all around me. Anyway, after the ceremony, my friend walked over and introduced us to his Lieutenant, a huge dude that scared the crap outta me. He stuck out his arm to shake our hand, but I couldn’t tell if he was trying to shake my hand, or one of my friends, so in a panic I grabbed his hand and started to shake it, JUST as he grasped my friends hand to shake. So the three of us were in some kind of very gay 3-way handshake that had the whole crowd walking by staring at us in bewilderment. I wanted to die.

3) When I was about 12, I would go roller skating with my friends every Friday night. It was mostly an excuse to pick up girls. One night, I left my friends and skated to the bathroom. When I was done, I didn’t see my friends anywhere, so I just skated back out onto the dance floor. But every time I got to one section of the rink, a group of guys standing on the sidelines kept calling me a fagot. I couldn’t understand what I did to these guys, but every damn time, they made fun of me as I passed them. After 2 minutes, the rink announcer said over his megaphone “OK, That ends the ladies only dance!”. Ouch! I guess If I had my head out of my ass I might have noticed that I was the only guy out on the floor.

2) About 10 years ago, I had a dream where I was hanging out with Denzel Washington in a bar, when we both decided that we had to pee. We headed to the restroom, and in my dream I started taking care of Nature at the urinal. I woke up 5 minutes later to discover I had wet the bed. When your wife wakes up at 3 A.M. to find you changing the bed sheets, try explaining THAT ONE to them.

1) The granddaddy of them all. Watch in wide wonder below at how they should NEVER let someone completely drunk enter “The Star Trek Experience” at Universal Studios Florida. You old timers will remember I posted this one a few years ago. I’m proud (ashamed) to say that ive so far gotten almost 90,000 hits on Youtube with this gem:

So, that’s it. I have bared my innermost demons to you all. You know, this was kinda cathartic. I feel cleansed...... a new person, if you will. EMPOWERED!

And I just came up with about 5 more incidents that easily make this list.

Am I the only person who has stories like these?


Vinomom said...

I love it when I'm the first commenter! Of course by the time I hit submit I probably won't be, and that comment will be rendered useless.

My favorite one was the three way gay handshake with the Lt. I can totally see myself doing something like that. And the skating rink - thats another one that sounds like me.

Congrats on five years dude :) Looking forward to the rest of the week's posts.

Verdant Earl said...

Best. Post. Ever!

The first part, I mean. The second part was okay too. The little victory dance you nerdlings do at the end of the video is priceless.

2abes said...

Thanks Earl, thats some funny shit. Slyde you do share way to much!

2abes said...

is that a young earl on the horse?

sybil law said...

Oh. My. GAhhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Fucking AWESOME, is what that was/ is!

Slyde said...

vino: nope, your still first! give yourself a cookie!

earl: see, i found the first part to be lacking...

abes: yup, thats him.

sybil: thanks! i had actually forgotten about this post until i spent some time this weekend going thru my archives...

Anonymous said...

This week is awesome.

I have A LOT of mortifyingy embarassing stories... I'm just too shy to air "em. So at least you're one step ahead

Slyde said...

paula: or one step behind, depending on how you look at it :)

i am the diva said...

You got caught having sex at work!?!? wow, that's ballsy.

Slyde said...

diva: what can i say? i was young...

Heff said...

Lol ! I've slipped up and done a #6 my damn self !!!

Slyde said...

heff: im sure THAT is a story worth telling..

AlleyCat Runs said...

just what i needed after dealing with a cranky unreasonable member of the general public!!!!


Love em all :0)

savannah said...

congratulations, sugar! thankfully, i've signed enough non-disclosure documents that i no longer even remember half the embarrassing things i've done... xoxoxo

Paticus said...

Dude! I TOTALLY believed you had a photon detonator!

Slyde said...

alley: :)

savanah: non-disclosure documents? why didnt i think of that?

paticus: See? I AM a good actor!

Chris H said...

Hysterical! Cool Post.

Cocaine Princess said...

This was too funny! Pretty awesome and brave of you to share all that with the world.

Your list made me laugh especially The Ritchie Sambora and the roller rink story.

Cocaine Princess said...

P.S. I left a few comments on Earl's site but he's yet to comment on mine. I don't think he likes my blog.

Faiqa said...

Ohmygod, that bit about Mr. Sulu had me laughing like a crazy woman. Now, did you imply that he had a small dick because he's Asian or at a Star Trek convention? :-D

Roller Skate said...

Nice post....nothing more to comment