Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Too Much Reality

One of the good things about coming down with a cold and generally feeling like shit, is that I can put up a stupid post and then blame my lack of anything to really write about on my fever-induced brain.

So, I thought once again the other day about how I am for some reason completely obsessed with Reality TV. I have no clue why this is. I routinely enjoy condemning people for watching any number of shitty scripted television shows that are currently on the air, but I seem to have no problem sitting down to watch a Real World marathon.

It’s weird, and hypocritical. I know this. In the end, I can’t tell you all WHY I love Reality TV so much. I just do.

At any rate, I thought I’d run down the list of the top 10 Reality TV shows that keep me coming back for more. Admitting that I watch some of these gems really shames me, but if I can’t share my ugly side with you guys, who could I share it with?

So, without much fanfare, here are my favorite Reality TV shows:

(p.s. I really wish I could link these shows to their respective IMDB web pages. Fucking work and its shitty work filter! Bah!)

10) American Idol – Friz and I watch this every year, and I really don’t know why. So much of it bores me to tears, that we usually watch a lot of it in fast forward. I guess the main reason I watch it is just so I can know who the fuck everyone else in my office is talking about.

9) Real World – Throw 8 confused teenagers in a house, and watch them interact with each other. It’s been losing a lot of its charm for me lately, but I have to admit that last season’s bisexual Cancun cast was outstanding!

8) Amazing Race – Watching couples race around the world while crying and screaming at each other never seems to get old for me. 16 seasons in and I’ve never missed an episode. If Earl and I were on the show, he would have to do all the driving, and I’d do all the manly challenges.

7) The Celebrity Apprentice – Take the king douche himself, Donald Trump, and watch him interact with has-been celebrities so desperate for attention that they will debase themselves weekly for one more chance at being topical. I love it.

6) The Surreal Life – Take those same has-been celebrities and put them in a house Real-World-style. VH1 hasn’t put a new season out in a while now, which is a shame.

5) The Joe Schmo Show – Ah, this show was brilliant in its 2 year run. Take an average person, and unbeknownst to him, put him on a reality show where EVERYONE else is an actor following a script, with the sole purpose to make his life a living Hell. One of the funniest shows ever to be put on the air.

4) The Bad Girls Club – Take 8 trailer trash hot girls, throw them in a mansion, and watch in awe for 13 weeks as they waver between kissing and killing each other. I just can’t get enough.

3) Real World/Road Rules Challenge – Each year, between seasons of the Real World, they take about 30 people from all the different seasons, and lock them in a house where they compete in the most brutal physical challenges I have ever seen on TV. I have slowly gotten more and more into this one.

2) High School Reunion – I fell in love with this show last year, and this season is not disappointing me either. They take a dozen people who graduated from the same high school 20 years ago, and put them all together in a mansion in Hawaii for 2 weeks. For everyone who cringes thinking about the social dynamics that put them through Hell in high school, this show brings all those long-repressed feelings back with a vengeance and and is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

1) Survivor – The granddaddy of them all. Possibly my favorite TV show, reality or otherwise. I had applied to be a contestant a few years back, and I will not rest until I am on that island, plotting my victory while eating fried rat and octopus eyeballs.

So, which Reality TV shows do you guys watch?


i am the diva said...

i stopped watching Survivor after season 2 Australia, then it seemed they were all the same.

i have been known to catch an episode or two of the surreal life, cuz that shit is like a train wreck!!

Other than that, i'll be so happy when the viewing public decides to stop watching reality tv... i don't know why, but it makes me feel all dirty and voyeristic, without actually seeing the sex, and what's the fun in that?

i am the diva said...

WOO! i don't think i've ever been first to post on your blog...

Marie said...

I don't really have the "reality addiction", but I do know that if I get hooked on ONE more sunday night show. I. AM. SCREWED.

Verdant Earl said...

You really would have enjoyed "Jersey Shore". It would have been like looking in the mirror for you.

GiGi said...

I tried to get back into Survivor, but I just could not do it. I do really, really love American Idol, though. The auditions are hilarious, and I wish they'd show last year's winner's audition again (if that makes sense) in the new season. I always forget what they looked/sounded like.

Mrs. Hall said...

the only reality show that ever got me was america's next top model.

i have lost years of my life when that comes on and I can actually watch it.

years Slyde, YEARS!!!

Susan Higgins said...

American Idol. It's an interesting show to observe the psychology behind fame and fortune as a pop star.

Chris H said...

OF those you listed we get:
American Idol, Amazing Race and Survivor.
Like you, I just love Survivor too... but there is no way in hell I am ever going to apply to be on it! Stuff eating crap like that!

Nat said...

I'm obsessed with The Apprentice...prefer the UK one but will also watch the US one.

I'll admit that year in and out I get sucked into watching the X Factor...even just to moan about how poor the competition is!

Love the US "So You Think You Can Dance"...now starting in the UK

Used to watch "ANTM" but it just gets on my nerves these days.

mo.stoneskin said...

Now I know that you're a reality TV man I'm afraid we can no longer be friends.

sybil law said...

Project Runway and America's Next Top Model. Oh, and Jersey Shore, but I started that one later than other people.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love, love, love Survivor and I have a vague interest in American Idol (i.e. I kind of half watch, because I want to know who wins and judge whether they're worthy or not). LOL.

Tamara said...


Heff said...

It's people like you that are ruining what use to be "normal" programming for the rest of us, LOL ! Oh, how I long for the days of a good sitcom, or show with an actual PLOT ! Alas, thanks to the mouth-breathing general populous, I have to suffer through loosely scripted "REALITY" shows these days. You people don't really think all that "reality" bullshit "just happens", do you ?

Take your # 4 pick - The Bad Girls Club. Other than the women being hot, this show is utter GARBAGE.

Premise of EVERY show ? - Bad girls get ready to go out, bad girls go out, bad girls get drunk at club, fight ensues, drunken bad girls taken home in limo, fight continues. How can you constantly be entertained by the SAME SHIT over and over ?

Heff has spoken.

Slyde said...

heff: when you say it like that, it just makes me want to watch last night's episode again...

Nej said...

I, too, have a small addiction to reality TV. There's nothing better, on a lazy weekend day, than to find a reality tv marathon playing. :-)

I've only watched Idol once. We were at someone else's house, and that Pickler chick was singing...with her "Something About Mary" bangs standing straight up. Disturbing.

Because of my schedule, I usually miss Amazing Race these days....but when I get to watch it, it's a laugh a minute. You hit the nail on the head when you mention the couples yelling at each other the whole time. It's amusing. :-)

Survivor was my first reality show crush....but, for some reason, I haven't watched it the past couple of seasons. I'm such a slacker.

America's Next Top Model...yeah, yeah...I admit it. Although, laughing at those girls has grown a little old.

I'm a regular So You Think You Can Dance and Biggest Loser watcher nowadays.

Heff said...

...you have a point, lol !

meleah rebeccah said...

I love reality TV too. Im a huge American Idol fan.

Recently [and I HATE to admit this] I have become obsessed with the:

Jersey Shore
[insert *fist pumps*]

I also love The Kardashians, and Kendra, and almost all things on the E! Channel.

I can't get enough Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew.

And my newest favorite show has to be Hoaders.

Bruce Johnson said...

You are sick with a fevor AND still at work.....shit dude go home before you infect everyone!!!

Most of these shows are scripted, which is a total turn off. If you know anything about production, editing and logistics, it is pretty easy to tell which ones are.

But that said, I have to admit a soft spot for "Amazing Race"...the only show I would actually kill to be on.

Other than that, I tend to lean toward reality TV such as COPS ("You have no identificaion and the car you are driving belongs to a guy named Buba, that you just met in a bar".......this never gets old to me for some reason.)

The only other shows of late that have me fascinated are "Shark Tank" on Friday nights (imagine presenting a business idea to bank loan committee and all the Board members are Simon Cowel), really entertaining.

The only other one I really want to watch is "Horders" on A&E. A show about interventions for people that have compulsive disorders concerning material possessions....only because I know SO MANY of these people.

Anonymous said...

The place where we need reality is in the news and in the politics, not the tv shows.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

AI is my fave!

The rest of reality I catch on a "on the fly" basis.

What is this Joe Schmoe Show???

badgerdaddy said...

I didn't even know there were 10 reality shows.

Cocaine Princess said...

I love Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Rehab and don't ask me why, but I like watching Cops.

Lifeofkaylen said...

I love almost every one of these too!!! But I agree with the others--Hoarders is a great one.

I can't get enough of the Real World and the Challenge shows - those people are an ugly mess and I am enthralled by how dirty they all are.

Survivor and Amazing Race are by far the best!!!!