Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Know Kung Fu

Whenever I decide to do a "bullet" post, I always show a cute picture with something having to do with real bullets. You know, like "Bang Bang Fuck I'm Dead" bullets.

Isn't that cute? You would think that someone who looks like me would rely soley on my physical appearance to get me through life, but remarkably I continue to be as funny and personable as I am bangable.


For everyone who let me know that Judd Nelson played BENDER in The Breakfast Club, and not Andrew Clark (who was played by Emilio Esteves)……

I KNEW IT! I had originally written that it was Bender, but then I figured Earl would get all up in my grill if I had remembered it incorrectly, so I went to IMDB to check it out, and was surprised to see they had credited Nelson’s part as Andrew Clark. So, not trusting myself, I changed it.

Guess what? IMDB is wrong! That’ll teach me to second-guess myself! Fuck you, IMDB!

Not that I want to turn this blog into “The John Hughes Memorial Website” or anything, but I ran across THIS the other day. It tells of the pretty amazing story of one fan and her decade’s long association with the man himself.

I thought this was really an AMAZING read. I always knew the man was a great writer/director, but now I know that he was also a pretty awesome PERSON as well. You should check it out.

As if my job couldn’t become more sucky, last week it miraculously did. Too long of a story to write about now, but I might make a post out of it next week. I’m still too P.O.’ed about it to write coherently.

My volleyball team, the Sweet Tomatoes, continues our upward climb toward not sucking so much. With only 3 more weeks in the season, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss it when it ends.

Speaking of things ending, is anyone else getting really bummed that the Summer is winding down? Here in NY, we had something like 26 rainy days in June, so summer didn’t really kick in for us New Yawkers until the 4th of July. And it’s STILL rained a shitload since then.

It hasn’t been that HOT, either. During the summer, I like to take my supple, muscular, toned, Sicilian, olive-skinned, perfect body and bake it with 100 degree days.

No dice this summer. Yesterday was our FIRST fucking day to break 90 degrees here all Summer. Then, to just piss all over THAT milestone, the heat broke last night and turned into a lightning storm. Yay, Summer!

That's all for now. I'll try to post something more substantial later in the week.


Heff said...

I'll admit - even in the South, we kinda got screwed out of a summer due to the temp not picking up until late May, and rain out the ass. I've got Banana trees that are usually 15+ feet tall right now, and they're only 6 feet tall. Whatta Pisser.

2abes said...

You're an eggplant, not a sweet tomatoe! We got Seattle weather most of June......

Verdant Earl said...

I didn't get up in your grill. In fact, I think I'm the one who pointed out IMDB's mistake if you look at the comment section.

Just another example of me being a good guy while you are constantly a dick to me over on my blog.

debi_in_Hawaii said...

Next time you could be one of the Sweet Zucchinis.

sybil law said...

I was too nice to point out your non - mistake. Well, it was a mistake but you knew so... whatever. :)
Sorry to hear about the job sucky week. Nothing worse!
Our summer's sucked, too. Makes me angry. However, I hope I can get to the pool a lot this week, anyway. Hope you can, too!

Unknown said...

The Breakfast Club is my FAV movie of all times. If I had known you were doubting, I would have corrected you. Thanks for posting that link to her blog. It absolutely gave me goosebumps and made me cry. He truly was a great, caring, wonderful family man and I am glad at least 1 person outside of Hollywood and his family got to experience that. She seemed to have impacted his live greatly too.

Happy to hear you VB team has move from Suckdom to not sucking so much.

I am in Florida.. summer really never ends until Feb. You will know because I will be whining about how cold it is when it drops below 70 brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Chris H said...

Pfffft! At least you have summer.. we are still in the middle of winter. And it never gets that hot here either. Sad.

Cuz said...

this has been the worst summer ever. way too much rain & storms. but of course DURING THE WEEK the weather is usually sunny & warm....then the weekend comes and there is no sun & usually rain!! AKKKKK

Cocaine Princess said...

The weather conditions are pretty much the same here as they are where you are.
We finally hit +41C only to have it rain on us.

terri said...

John Hughes was the man. I loved every single one of his movies, even though so many of them featured Molly Ringwald.

Summer always goes too fast for me. We haven't had the rain here that you've had, but we also haven't seen many of those perfect beach days. Maybe the heat is holding off to make its appearance in winter. (I can hope!)

Unknown said...

Really? Volley ball team, Sweet Tomatoes??? I can't even think of what to say to that!

But I WOULD like to say, I would whorship your body if it were baking in the sun. Need any more oil on that nicely toned, sicilian body of yours????

Ya know, we have broken temps for lows this summer. I thought we were in some kind of global warming, but in TN, to have temps NOT reach 90 for three weeks in a row, and with not much humidty?? What a freaking miracle!

Tamara said...

We're about to head into summer in South africa. At last! Maybe you should come over here for a bit to work on your tan ;-)

Mrs. Hall said...

hey slyde

is your L4D name

OR SLYDE ooohh 1


SLYDE01 Could be both.

mr. hall is on the case, attempting to friend you :)

I may very well join in I believe. Maybe we can get a righteous blogger group going in that game!


Slyde said...

i am


someone friended me out of the blue the day that i posted to you, so i assumed that it was mr hall. I havent played this week at all though.

Nej said...

Trade ya!

You come live here, and I'll go there!!! I adore rain, thunderstorms, and cool weather. This hot stuff is for the birds...or, for the Slydes, I suppose. :-)