Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Filling A Void

Well, I did it.

In just about a month, I managed to watch all 7 seasons of The Shield.

Towards the end there, it was getting a little crazy. I was watching three or four episodes a day. I think near the final episodes I was starting to get a little burned out, but it was still a great ride.

Some people have said that they consider the final episode of The Shield to be the best series finale ever. It was certainly up there with the best. I enjoyed it immensely, but I still have to give props Six Feet Under as the show that had the best final episode EVER. Seriously, I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

I REALLY want to talk about The Shield finale, but I will hold my tongue and not reveal any spoilers for the unwashed masses who haven’t seen the show yet. I WILL say that, true to the show’s form, it was a tragic ending, with almost everybody finally paying the piper for what they had done for the previous 7 seasons. Ballsy, and well done.

Anyway, it got me thinking about “good” final episodes of other shows I’ve watched over the years. If I put any REAL effort into this list, I’m sure I’d come up with some others, but off the top of my head…

Six Feet Under – As I said, the best ever.

M.A.S.H. – The show lasted longer than the actual Korean War, but it was a solid ending.

The Sopranos – Most people hated the ending, but I thought to end it the way they did, showing us how Tony will have to live his life, day in and day out always looking over his shoulder, as being a fitting ending to a great show.

The Office – No, not the watered down American version. I’m talking about the FAR superior original British version. I LOVED that show, and their Finale/Christmas Special was one of the best ever.

Little House On The Prairie – Did I really just write that? Yeah, I did. But when I watched this as a kid, when the town got together to blow up Walnut Grove, building by building, rather than to let the railroad have it, I wept like a little baby.

Those were the first 5 I thought of. I’m sure I can come up with much more if I really thought about it. How about you? How about BAD finales?

LATE IN THE GAME P.S.: I COMPLETELY forgot about the finale to St Elsewhere. One of my favorite shows of all time and an AWESOME finale... i loved it!


badgerdaddy said...

I don't know about finales, but you can fill my void any time, you big stud, you.

Cocaine Princess said...

I admit as well to watching Little House On The Prairie. It's still a good show. They are still in re-runs and on occasion I have been known to watch it.
Alamanzo and Laura, Nellie and Percival, is there a greater love story than those two?

Bad finales: 3rd Watch and Charmed.

I like when the writers tie up all loose ends and not leave any cliffhangers.

Slyde said...

badger: is it wrong that you just turned me on just then?

cocaine: its funny you mentioned 3rd watch... i didnt think it was a BAD finale... just weird. People blowing themselves up, and the fat guy going fishing... it was just odd.

Kimberly said...

The Soprano ending killed me...but it left the door open *fingers crossed* for a big screen debut!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ok, now I have to add Six Feet Under to my list of things to do! I've never seen that one either.

I always had a crush on Pa. Funny that Ma wasn't the one doing it for me, huh? :)

And yep, back on my blog...he knows we're gay.

Jay said...

The Shield was one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The finale was definitely great too. And I admit, that I was wrong about how it would end.

Came over from Real Live Lesbian's blog. ;-)

Dr Zibbs said...

What about the ending of Newhart?

That was classic.

Mrs. Hall said...

let's compare contrast the endings of the sopranos and the shield eh?

In the end, the shield and the sopranos really just let us know what we saw in the first place, both of the central characters were sociopaths.

Now, Tony never pretended to be anything but. So, having a 'non punishing-no one gets whacked or goes to jail' ended was fitting.

I can say there is a huge void in my life now that the Sopranos is gone. I mean for Chrissakes, the central themes were all based in psychology. HELLO!!! It absolutely sucked me in hardcore!!

I still miss it.

wait wait, got off topic . .

SO the ending to the shield.

The central character (a sociopath) had moral indignation on his side, inflicting pain and violence and KILLING SOMEONE under the guise of righteousness. The ending, such as it was, is befitting such hypocrisy.

I haven't seen it though, just read it on wikipedia.

yeah I know, shush . . I'm a working mom who is a single mom most nights, no time to watch stuff . . :)

and don't make me tell you what happened in the endings of Fight Club or the Sixth sense. Which I watched/found out BY ACCIDENT I SWEAR TO GOD IT WAS TOTALLY ACCIDENTAL before I watched the films. bad movie karma i guess.

Mr. Hall still won't let me live that down.

ok carry on . . . . .

GiGi said...

I am in total agreement with you on Six Feet Under and The Office. The U.S. version of The Office is nowhere NEAR as funny as the British one.

I was remotely interested in the ER finale, but the previews were just so damn cheesy I could not watch.

The Peach Tart said...

I know I'm a girl but I miss those Sex and the City girls and liked the final episode.

Slyde said...

kimberly: they always talk about a movie, but i dont know if david chase will ever do it.

reallive: watch it! now!

jay: hey, jay! ive been to your site a few times, so you arent a stranger :)

zibbs: while i thought it was quite funny, and a great joke ending, newhart just isnt gonna make my list..

Slyde said...

holly: wait, you are getting all that and you havent watched them yet? shame on you.

and you cant spoil fight club/sixth sense for me.. i saw em both in the theatres...

gigi: ER just never did it for me.. weird..

peach: i watched SaTC, but i wasnt overly fond of the finale...

terri said...

I was a big fan of Little House, and I can't remember the finale. I'm impressed that you did! And I agree with you on the M*A*S*H finale. These days, I don't watch enough t.v. to cast a vote on this issue.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I am STILL contemplating the meaning of the Seinfeld finale.

I guess it was a fitting finale to a show about nothing.

Mrs. Hall said...

i read a lot about it on av club.



i tell you, i have but no time for the watching of the tv. I have time to read though. so! i do what I can to exercise the brain :)

vixen kitten said...

For me, The Shield, was like crack! I'd keep telling myself "just one more episode" and then I'll go to bed. I can't tell you how many times I went to work on an hour or two of sleep.

I loved the final eposide.


sybil law said...

I still suck so much - I have the whole thing on DVD upstairs and haven't even begun season 1, yet! I will get on that, pronto.
I agree with all of your favorite finales, minus Little House on the Prairie.

Verdant Earl said...

I'll give you a show that Gia and I are just fucking burning thru right now.

Friday Night Lights.

I know, I know...you are only half a man and you don't dig on sports. But if I remember correctly, football is the one sport you kinda dig. And this show is about so much more than football.

So give it a go.

Ya fucking fairy, ya!

Tuesday Taylor said...

Pa Ingalls really jumped the shark when he agreed to blow torch Walnut Grove!

Anonymous said...

The only ending that I can think of that impacted me was the last episode of Quantum Leap, where the narrator says Sam never did get home, awwwwwwwww I cried, it was sooooooooo sad.


Unknown said...

Slyde, Thanks for the heads up. Can you believe it, I've never even heard of The Shield. I am so out of the loop.

I only saw the first few episodes of Six Feet, so I need to resume that one.

And I liked The Sopranos ending too.

Tamara said...

I don't think I have ever watched a series to its end.

How weird. I just realised that.

Slyde said...

terri: you gotta get back with the program, sister!

candy: i thought the seinfeld finale was weak weak weak..

holly: THATS why you need to move on over to audio books.. its the way to go for books..

vixen: yeah, you and i seem to have had the same disease there... i couldnt stop either...

sybil: i had season 1 for 2 years before i finally watched it. go watch it now..

Slyde said...

scandalous: yeah, they kinda did, but it was a GOOD jump, in my opinion...

Chantal: QL was a show that i have never watched even 1 episode of... i have heard good things about it tho..

Earl: i just dont think i could get into that show... all those "underdog football" movies that come out just do nothing for me....

mikeb: i think you would LOVE it. by the way, how is deadwood comming?

tamara: thats BEYOND weird, girl... where's your sense of commitment? :)

Cuz said...

I love love love LHOP. I still watch it sometimes on Hallmark! LOL

Heff said...

I remember not digging the finale to M.A.S.H. because they portrayed Hawkeye as completely NUTS for just that ONE episode.

SK Waller said...

I clearly remember watching the final episode of M*A*S*H. We were having a huge rain and thunder storm and at the beginning of the last 15 minutes the power went off all over southern California. We were pissed! Missed the ending. People were so pissed off that the network had to schedule a re-showing the next evening.

Slyde said...

cuz: i catch it once in a while there too..

heff: i agree. to see hawkeye totally lose it all of a sudden was a bit jarring, but then that was the point.

steph: wow, really? i had never heard that before... i would have been STEAMED too!

Chris H said...

I think you live for the finale! We are just starting the final sesason of ER.. I can't wait!

mr zig said...

holy dude! 7 seasons in a month! - Nice work :)

Unknown said...

I started the second season of Deadwood. Some say it's the best of the three. So far, I think I agree.

Chris said...

My dad is a dead ringer for the guy who stars in the Shield.

Unknown said...

Okay, "technically" what I'm going to tell you does NOT consitute the series finale, but for me, it was the finale, because I never watched the show again.

When Dr. Green died (from ER) I cried like a frigging baby who lost their teat, and even now when I hear "Over the Rainbow" or see him, I just want to cry. That was THE most touching thing I have ever seen!

Bruce Johnson said...

In overall comment, I think it is sad to see that almost all of these shows are not network broadcast, but on cable and pay per view. It shows hos much the networks have fallen in pandering to the lowest common denominator, making a buck and unreal/out of date censorship.

I doubt I could watch all seven episodes of The Sheild in 1 month, that is crazy dude. Although my wife and I have watched the Sopranos from begining to end twice now, about 4 months each time (that is a lot of mob hits).

The best endings, I would have to concur with; St. Elsewhere (a wonderful show that never got it's due, E.R. would have been nothing without this show breaking the groundwork for it), The Sopranos and as you said, Six Feet Under.... probably one of the best shows ever on television.

Another show that I have just started watching from downloaded episodes off the Internet is 'Nurse Jackie' with Edie Falco. It is only a half hour long, but of the episodes I have seen, it is very, very good.

Nej said...

Now you've totally got me convinced I need to start watching the shield (I've yet to see one episode). :-)

Let's see....memorable finales.

Seinfeld, Cheers...(oh crap, I just drew a blank)

Michelle said...

Six Feet Under!