Thursday, May 21, 2009

To Boldly Go..

Yay! My Training class is finally over!

Now I can go back to doing all the important things in life, like reviewing movies!

Last Sunday, my live-in erotic masseuse Earl and I went to see the new Star Trek movie.

Overall, I’m gonna give it 2 ½ stars.

It was NOT a bad movie. On the contrary, it was actually pretty damn good, but there were a few nagging bits that really got under my skin. I think a second viewing is in order for me to REALLY make a decision on this movie, but I’m worried that a seeing this movie again will shift me towards liking this movie less, rather than more.

What I Liked

The Cast - The cast was great! From Kirk, to Spock, to Uhura and the rest, I thought these newcomers really brought small nuances of their original counterparts, without going overboard and becoming caricatures of their senior selves. Special Kudos should go to Karl Urban, who played young Bones. Simon Pegg, whom I normally love, was overdoing it just a tad as the young Scotty, but I can overlook that.

The Story – Problems with Time Travel aside (see below), I really thought that the story was smart and well written. I would expect nothing less from J.J. Abrams. Little bits like letting us finally see how Kirk cheated during the Kobayashi Maru and including a young Commander Pike were very nice touches. Well done.

What I Didn’t Like

Time Travel – Ugh. As I’ve said before, I HATE stories involving time travel. That’s mostly because most movies that deal with time travel don’t put enough thought into it and it ends up not making any sense. If you’re like me, and hate time travel movies, you’d do best to steer clear of this one, because it’s a major plot point of the film.

Changing History – I can certainly understand why J.J. Abrams decided he needed to change the history of Star Trek. After all, who could blame him? If I had to tie my new movie in with 40 years of Trek history, I’d probably shit a Tribble too. But doing what J.J. did, and tinkering with some core aspects of Star Trek lore, is almost an unforgivable sin to geeks everywhere.

Wild Coincidences – I’m going to keep my mouth shut on this one for those of you who didn’t see it yet, but I WILL say this: At one point in the movie, something happens that is SUCH a completely ridiculous coincidence that it almost ruined the entire movie for me. For those of you who’ve seen the movie but don’t get what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a clue: The Cave Scene. Yuck.


Taking everything above into account, I think that, once you can wash down what was changed in this first movie, that the next Star Trek film will be truly outstanding. I really can say I’m looking forward to seeing where they go from here. That fact alone makes me look favorably on this film.


Verdant Earl said...

Just to put everyone's mind at ease, yes...he did ask for a happy ending, but I refused. Just like I always do.

He's a persistent bugger though.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

You have a masseuse? I want one!

Happy Friday Eve!

- Jennifer

Heff said...

"Happy ending", lol ! You two bastards kill me !

Dr Zibbs said...

I agree. The cave scene was BS.

And I also agree that the characters that played the major parts were pretty good. Expecially the young Spock.

Faiqa said...

I hate time travel plots, too. LAME.

2abes said...

does Earl have strong hands? Oh and maybe someday I'll catch the movie on dvd or cable.

Michelle said...


I want to see the movie this weekend!!


Ookami Snow said...

I thought that it was a good movie.

The black hole time traveling thing I didn't like... they alread had established that black holes don't grant time travel ability, we do they all of a sudden?

Also the term "Red Matter", common do a bit of research and name it something believable. How about Ferric Graviton Multiplier?

Nej said...

The case scene was crap. Pure crap. I can't say more without ruining it for people who haven't said it yet.....but it was crap in many ways! :-)

Unknown said...

Would you still want to do me after I say I have NEVER watched Star Trek????

Unknown said...

That movie was hot. I want to tag team Kirk and Spock...yeah, you heard right.

Anonymous said...

Paladin hated the time travel and screw-you to the history thing too; to quote him, "All of a sudden it just wasn't a prequel". I could live with it probably because I'm not a total trekkie. I had completely forgotten about the cheesy cave scene. Yeah, that made me want to smack him too. The music didn't drive you nuts? Maybe it was just me. I can be pretty critical of media. I was just happy to see that it was WATCHABLE at all. For me, that's a huge thing these days. I hate, and I mean HATE, most movies these days. I just can't suspend my brain long enough to enjoy them.

sybil law said...

So, it's... good enough to see?!


terri said...

I might actually have to see this. I was never a Star Trek fan, but for some reason, I actually own a Uhura doll.

Chris H said...

I havn't seen the movie.. hell it's ages since i went to a movie! I wanna go see Angels and Demons... or whatever it's called. Might do that this week, with my PRIVATE Masseuse! *snigger*

Tamara said...

I loved this movie, but appreciate all the points you make
(ESPECIALLY the time travel nonsense and cave scene). I was reading this post, and nodding in agreement... Until I read your tag and nearly wet myself ;-)

livesbythewoods said...

Loved the film, hated the stupid cave scene and the pre-cave scene "scary" sequence. Also hated the jiggly camera work. Why??

But, other than that, fantastic. Will be buying the dvd and fantasising about Mr Spock indefinitely.