Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is Ruining Your Own Surprise A Smart Idea?

So, Earl and I went to see Terminator: Salvation this weekend.

I have to say that I was happily surprised, since I totally expected this one to suck eggs.

But this movie is not bad. Honestly, it’s pretty damn good. I thought it did a great job of moving forward the story of the Terminator universe, and finally expanding it to a global level. This is the first of the 4 movies that change the pace from “big robot from the future chasing someone for 2 hours” to finally REALLY seeing the global war between man and the machines that we have heard about in the previous films.

My biggest gripe with this movie is that, if you have seen any of the commercials for this movie, then YOU ALREADY KNOW THE BIGGEST SURPRISE TWIST OF THE FILM!

I just don’t understand it. Why in God’s name would a movie studio put together a trailer for a film showing the big surprise? Who cut together this movie’s trailer… Stevie Wonder? I’m just sitting here scratching my head on this one, because I’ve never seen a movie studio purposely spoil their own movie before.

As I said, I liked the movie, and I’ll definitely be adding it to my budding Blu-Ray collection in a few months, but I would have LOVED the movie if I wasn’t let in on the big reveal before I even had my first bite of popcorn.

For anyone that has not seen the movie yet, I will not spoil it for you here, but if you have seen any of the commercials or trailers for Terminator, then you can probably guess what I’m talking about.

But I’d STILL say that, if you are a fan of robots shooting people (and who isn’t), then you need to see this one. Right now, I’d say it is hands down the best of the summer blockbusters so far.

P.S. I realize that I have been doing a lot of movie reviews lately. That is partly because, at this time of year, movies are kind of a big thing, and partly because, I have nothing really interesting to write about. But I fully realize that I have been going overboard on the reviews lately. I’ll try to cut that shit out for awhile.

P.P.S. For 20 years now, whenever Earl and I see a movie together, just as the movie is about to start, I slowly put my hand on his leg and rub his thigh. I don’t know why I started doing this years ago, but I never miss a beat. He always pretends to get mad and plays it off as a joke, but I know that deep down he secretly yearns for my touch and would be disappointed if I ever stopped doing it. But that’s completely understandable. I'm not sure if you guys have picked up on this yet, but I’m pretty fucking hot.


mo.stoneskin said...

[Does quick google search typing 'Stevie Wonder blamed for revealing the big surprise in trailer']

Couldn't find any evidence of Stevie Wonder editing the trailer. But it's a tenable theory.

Heff said...

Considering the fact that Earl STILL sees movies with you, well, I think that explains it all.

Mrs. Hall said...

I can say that of all the films in THAT type of genre (sci-fi, big explosions, robots, computer stuff)-

It is the only set of films that I have seen in that genre (I have seen 2 sci fi films), that I consider to be worthy.

I am a film snob. Oh yeah- subtitle loving, french wine and beret wearing film snob!

I insist any movie has to have balls to the walls- awesome writing. No matter what. It doesn't have to be all shakepere but it has to be fucking good. (like sean of the dead good).

So-terminator films-awesome good writing. The subtle undercurrents are what make the terminator films worth watching. Shit being blown up compliments the undercurrents. Win win yeah?

That being said I am very sad Edward Furlong developed alcoholism and was unable to reprise his role in the third terminator film. Very sad.

Also, it is one of my pet peas when women have their bangs cut too low and they get caught in their eyelashes. Make me twitchy when I see them on the screen. Like Sarah Conner's bangs.

But, during the film, seriously, I felt her look, her reptilian demeanor. I still see her running down the hall in the crazy hospital, white tank top, thin jammie bottoms, night stick bouncing beside her. Wearing white cotton socks, her skipping hushed.

So yeah, the bangs worked for me. For the first time ever in my life btw.

Now, I have not seen the trailer for this film. Is this movie a pre-quel?

O and someday, I will try to watch Blade runner again. This is other sci-fi movie i have watched. I am sure I am missing huge chunks of what I need from that film. I just need the proper head space. And I will pursue that film, because it is Mr. Hall's favorite.


o-and dude, you're so gay you can be spotted from space.

Slyde said...

mo: its the only thing i can guess right now.

heff: thats what im sayin'!

Holly: how can someone follow up on such a well versed post with calling me "super-gay"? Anyway, i too was sad to see Fuhrlong not reprise his role for t3... ive always like him, but it seems hes got a ton of his own problems to sort thru.

Dr Zibbs said...

I said it once and I'll say it again - one of you guys are going to pull the old popcorn trick someday.

I just know it.

Slyde said...

Zibbs: With Earl, it just might be the "Junior Mints" trick..

Verdant Earl said...

Zibbs - don't believe for a second that he hasn't tried it already. Yet I still resist his charms.

Slyde said...

earl: if by "resist" you mean sitting in my lap, then fuck yeah, you resist big time..

Tamara said...

Always get a laugh from your love/hate relationship with Earl.

Thankfully, we don't even have the trailers of this movie in SA yet, so I can avoid the spoil.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Ahhhhh please don't tell me you two bring the blanket as well??? Weird?

I'll have to give the movie a once over!


- Jennifer

diane said...

I love knowing what's going on before I see a film. When I went to see the Sixth Sense, I already knew the twist at the end, and so I enjoyed the movie even more.
(how hot are you?)

Nej said...

Seriously? That's the big secret? The big time thing they show in the trailer (I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about) is THE big thing in the movie?


Now I'm scratching my head.

Seriously? (sigh)


sybil law said...

Haven't seen the trailer.
But you and Earl make me laugh!!!

Janine / Being Brazen said...

Im looking forward to watching Terminator - it has not started here yet

Unknown said...

I saw this movie this weekend tooo. I was pleasantly surprised. Though some of the lines in the movie were predictable. Overall though, I agree. It was better than I thought it was going to be.

I'm kinda dense, you'll have to email me with the surprise ruiner.

Do you wear your wife beater when you go to the movies with Earl.. if so.. then I KNOW he secretly enjoys it

2abes said...

why don't you two just come clean???? you really don't just go to the movie, do ya?

Elise said...

I heard that the movie was great... I hope I'm not disappointed as I was with T3.

You and Earl have a special relationship... The leg touching is just the beginning! I'm sure many more secrets will be revealed as time goes by ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Paladin wants to see this one, but I figured it would be total crap. I guess now I'll have to go. :)

Anonymous said...

Paladin wants to see this one, but I figured it would be total crap. I guess now I'll have to go. :)

i am the diva said...

okay, i'll admit that i've been skipping your last posts (the ones about movies) but only for the reason that when it's summer blockbuster time and there are a crapload of movies i want to see, i generally place myself in a Cone of Silence until i've seen it, including trailers, commercials, and - you guessed it - blog posts.

but i happened to catch the last PS in my reader and laughed out loud.

just wanted you to know.

Ali said...

Your P.P.S. has me dying of laughter...at my desk...and wait, now I'm actually crying a little...and now people are looking...oh fuck, you kill me Slyde :)

And yeah, you're hot.

Cocaine Princess said...

I can't decide what's more funnier. The label for this post or the post itself!

Unknown said...

You are so freaking funny!!! Thank God I haven't paid attention to the previews so hopefully I'll be surprised at the "twist" when I go. I just love those Terminator movies!!!!

I'm jealous of Earl now.

teeni said...

Yikes! Between this post and the last, I can see how behind I am in my movie-going! I like your reviews and totally agree with hating the time-travel thing. Sometimes that crap gets too confusing for me to follow. LOL. Fortunately, I haven't seen the previews for Terminator so it will still be a surprise for me.

Bruce Johnson said...

I have pretty much given up on the summer blockbuster hype anymore. I am to busy and poor to be standing in line with the likes of Earl, Slyde and countless other Trekkies still living in their parents basement. I just wait for them to show up for rental on iTunes, (usually about 3 months) and watch them at home. Cheaper, eaiser.

This week I downloaded "The Day The Earth Stode Still (remake)...it sucked big ones (Keanu Reeves as Klaatu did NOT work), and Quantum of Solice. I like the new direction that Bond is taking, more of a thinking mans spy with lots of issues....but some of the actions scenes are bit over the top.