Thursday, March 26, 2009

Harper’s Island

Have you guys seen the media blitz that has been going on for this new show?

Since I first heard about this about 6 months ago, I have been all giddy with anticipation for its arrival.

If there is one thing that gets me all hot and tingly in the nether-regions, it’s a good murder mystery. I love ‘em. I’ve read just about everything Agatha Christie ever wrote (even those annoying Hercule Perot books), and I have been an avid reader of P.D. James for about 20 years now. I just love trying to wrap my little brain around a good mystery, as I correctly try to deduce the killer.

Of course, finding a “good” murder mystery is pretty hard these days. In 9 out of 10 murder mystery movies, the writers don’t even ATTEMPT to construct a reasonable riddle for the viewers to follow. Most times, they just pick some completely obscure character, that up until the end has had NO bearing on the plot whatsoever, and make him/her the killer just to surprise people (“Hey look, the killer turned out to the milkman, who we saw for about 10 seconds at the beginning of the film! Yay! Not.”)

As the poster above says, Harper’s Island will be a 13 week murder mystery event. 25 people arrive at a private island to attend a wedding, and each week we will see one of their number bumped off.

I have high hopes for this one. And so does CBS, apparently, because the money they are pumping into the advertising has been insane. The LAST thing I need right now is to add another television show to my nightly viewing schedule, but I just cant let this one slip past me.

The past few years I have really been starved for a good, brain-burning murder mystery. I have my fingers crossed that will scratch my sleuthing itch.

So, who plans on watching this with me? I’m gonna need some junior detectives to bounce my ideas off of.


mo.stoneskin said...

Sounds good, guess I'll have to wait or *cough cough* pick it up through other means...

Verdant Earl said...

God, I hope it's as good as "Murder, She Wrote"!

::fingers crossed::

Mrs. Hall said...

Well, count me in.

it starts 4-9-09 right?

I have never tried to figure out the murderer.

Yet, I believe I will figure it out first. hee hee hee


Slyde said...

blogger just ate my comments.. i hate that shit.

mo: i have no idea what you might be referring to :)

earl: that was the best show ever! not.

holly: that sounds like a challenge, missy... we shall see.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Me! Me! Me!~

Ima so excited about it! It looks very promising. Here's hoping it's all they're hyping it up to be.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

I hadn't planned on watching it, as it looked too horror-filmish for me, but I too do love a good mystery and I think after reading your blog about it, I'm gonna have to see if I can't put it on the DVD schedule. Thanks man!

Shania said...

Oh yeah, I'm in.

Bruce Johnson said...

I am going to have to ask for a wavier from the judge on this one. My summer is so jam packed full of stuff to do, spending 13 hours trying to figure out who killed who is going to be out of the question. Besides, you know that this 13 episode pilot is only going to lead into another show, and another, etc....I expect a tie with Survior and possible the next "Bachelor" if it does well enough in the rating.

Ookami Snow said...

The premise is almost enough to get me to watch. I may have to turn it on and check it out.

Fragrant Liar said...

Junior detectives???

Hmph. I'm afraid you just THINK you're Sherlock Holmes. ;)

I haven't even heard of this new show, but I would be really interested in seeing it. I'm (obviously) not a big TV watcher, but I hear this premise calling my name. We shall see if it lives up to the hype.

Chris H said...

I love a good murder/mystery.... (not science fiction ones though)... I hope like hell we get this new programme! If not, tape it and send it to me on DVD would ya??? ta.

Chris H said...

OH YEAH.. and don't freakin tell me all about it... who dies etc OK!!!

Mrs. Hall said...


ok look. when the sopranos ended i was ready to give up on serial series. then i found lost.

after lost I was going to give up on pretty much all of it. tv i mean. but then you show this business and challenge my very unchallenged mommy brain to figure things out in this mystery show.

which is fine really.


just when I thought I was out, i get pulled back in!!

Anonymous said...

I'm all in! I have high expectations for this show. This is what I thought LOST and Prison Break should have been. A well thought out single season run. BTW who shot JR?

Unknown said...

I haven't heard about it until just now, but it sounds very good. Kinda like a "Murder Dinner" that you can attend.. but free!

Please do a reminder post when it starts

Biscuit said...

Oh, I'm definitely watching! I love mysteries.

Michelle said...

Sounds great. Would you believe this is the first I've heard of this series? That is not like me!!!

Have a good weekend!!

Ashly Star said...

I love mysteries! I never watch TV though. I'm not home from 4 pm to midnight or later most nights because I'm at work. Maybe I can DVR this and keep up with it if it turns out good. I love a good mystery to wrap my mind around and get me thinking.

Of course since I don't watch TV hardly, I didn't even know about this at all. So thanks for posting about it. ;)

Unknown said...

I havne't seen this advertised yet, but I would LOVE to watch it with you! The only books I read are murder mystery books. They are the BEST! Now I have to go look this up to see when it starts.

Elise said...

I love the suspense and the mystery. I love trying to work out the puzzle.

It's interesting that I enjoyed Colombo though. The audience always knew who the murderer was. Colombo knew it from the beginning too.


Ali said...

"If there is one thing that gets me all hot and tingly in the nether-regions, it’s a good murder mystery."

Um...your nether-regions get tingly with a good murder mystery?

I'll admit, there are some far out things that tingle MY nether-regions, but murder has never been one of them.

Remind me to never fall asleep at your house. Or, never mind, I'll make a little mental note right now ;)

Janine / Being Brazen said...

sounds cool. I love murder mysteries.