Thursday, January 08, 2009

Can The World Be Big Enough For TWO of Me?

Never Let it be said that I am a liar.

Devastatingly handsome, yes. Also the epitome of physical perfection, and a great kisser. Plus, I'm humble.

But I am NOT a liar.

If you come here regularly enough, then you have probably heard me refer to my son as "Mini-Me". It's not just a cutsie name that I've come up with. EVERYONE calls him that, because he is, without a doubt, the spitting image of me.

I mean it. It's downright freaky. Every once in a while, Friz will look at him and say "You know, i think he's got my eyebrows" or some such similar nonsense, but it's just wishful thinking on her part. There is not ONE part of my son that resembles her in the slightest. In fact, one could make a pretty strong argument that she isn't his mother. I'd ALMOST believe it.

The fact that he and i look so much alike really was brought home for me the other day, when I was scanning in some more old photos that I have laying around, and I came across this one of my cute self. I'm pretty sure i was around 3 years old.

Aren't I the cutest damn thing since sliced bread? Who could have guessed that such a little bundle of cuteness, growing up in the 70's, would grow into one of the sexiest men on the planet? Oh, how naive we all were back in those halcyon days of yesteryear.

Just as remarkably, i STILL ride that plastic bunny to work everyday!

Anyway, as I was looking at that picture, i was again thunderstruck at just how much of the genetic "me" my son received. I KNEW that i had a picture of him hidden around somewhere where he was in a similar pose.

I decided that i HAD to find it, just to prove to Friz once and for all that, beyond some minor thing called pregnancy, she really had NOTHING to do with this whole affair.

After tearing the house apart, i FINALLY found the picture.

How freaky is that? We were even captured in the same profile!

Same eyebrows, same eyes, same pudgy cheeks, same EVERYTHING!

Some children are born into riches, or fame. Some inherit a title of nobility, or a Fortune 500 company, but there is only one child, in the entire history of children (which I'm pretty sure goes back a long way, ) to be born into such physical perfection!

He REALLY owes me for this one. He better take good care of me when I'm old and decrepit and poo-ing my pants.


Michelle said...

YAY I AM FIRST!!! Ok, got that out of the way!!

Gotta agree with you here on all points except one!!! The great kisser part. I don't have any physical proof of this Slyde! Just your word....can i trust you on that one??? Because, if not then well you know what you must do!!!

I'll be waiting at the designated spot for a kiss from you and i am expecting perfection dude!!

Your son is very adorable and the photos are uncanny in its perfection and sameness. Very cool!!!

Happy Thursday night!!!

Mrs. Hall said...

huh. all the blogs are blocked but yours on my home lap top.

but all the pictures are blocked.

so, um, the pix will have to wait until I go to work tomorrow.

hee hee hee

I am sure they are super cute.


my kids look NOTHING like me, or the dad. I mean, they are blond and blue eyed. Yeah, not sure what the heck there but, um, there ya go.


Mrs. Hall said...

I bet your site still comes up because it says blog not blogger.

I wonder how he got all the blogs blocked.

ok ok enough circumventing the system.

it was for a reason, this ban of the blogs on weeknights.

to bed with me!


dmb5_libra said...

holy crap! that's creepy. creepy in an adorable way!

Verdant Earl said...

Poor kid.

PS -'s spelled "liar". You may wanna fix that. You are welcome.

Tamara said...

I want a plastic bunny to get to work!

Your kid is gorgeous, btw. But you knew that.

Anonymous said...

That really is remarkable! I hope he inherits his modesty from you too! ;) He is adorable though. I can certainly see why you'd be proud. Can't take that away from you, Slyde. :) Fun post.

Faiqa said...

LMAO at Earl, as usual. He (not Earl) does look a lot like you. But cuter. There I said it.

Caz said...


Unknown said...

That is a fantastic likeness. I'm laughing at Earl's comment, too.

Slyde said...

michele: thanks! happy thursday night (now friday morning) to you too!

holly: So, did you check out the pics yet?

dmb: adorably creepy? i'll take it.

earl: i hate you.

Slyde said...

tamara: the plastic bunny gets AWESOME gas mileage!

teeni: if he gets my modesty too, then the world is in for a bit of trouble..

faiqa: no, unfortunately for earl, he looks NOTHING like me...

caz: i think so too.

mikeb: dont laugh at earls babble. it only encourages him to continue it.

Mrs. Hall said...


babies r the best. Your son looks so handsome.

it is kinda creepy though.

um, yeah, like twins or something.

Well, at least my kids sort of traded up in the looks department.(again, they look nothing like their parent's despite being birthed by me).

But it is all for the better, I mean, they are jaw dropping gorgeous, versus the mom and dad whom are merely cute and handsome


Ookami Snow said...

Are you sure that he isn't just a clone of you, made by some evil scientist. I think his evil plan might be unfolding right before your eyes.

Anonymous said...

What? You aren't leaving him the bunny? How's he supposed to get to work? lol

Anonymous said...

Earl cracks me up, his middle name WEBSTER. Mini-me is adorable, you owe a lot to Friz!

Slyde said...

holly: it IS kinda creepy, i agree. but in a good way.

ookami: possibly. there WERE alot of testtubes laying around that day.

honey: why, he can take the turtle of course!

abes: no, Earls middle name is "jackoff"

Ali said...

Holy spicoli! He's your spitting image!
And good LORD is he gorgeous!!!


SK Waller said...

Holy shit! You cloned yourself!

Bruce Johnson said...

I just realized your worst nightmare.......that he grows up to be.............GAY!!!

(Bwaha haha ha ha ha.....)

Unknown said...

That is AMAZING! I can't believe the clone you have made! You are bothe adorable

With any luck he'll grow up to be just like you..

I know I am not your mom.. but the mother's curse WORKS trust me I have one of me and one of my brother.

Anonymous said...

Very incredible likeness. Just one quick question, which picture of you is older, the one on the bunny or your facebook profile picture?

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

You were both yummy little children. He is your mini-me for sure. Looks just like you! The stars must be aligned right for you, huh?

Chris H said...

WEll yep, got to admit the little bugger does look just like you! Well done on producing a MINI-ME.

Slyde said...

ali: did you just call me gorgeous?

steph: that i did!

bruce: nah, that honestly wouldnt bother me in the slightest...

dizz: thanks for that!

Slyde said...

latin: the facebook one is older by about a year or so.

cowgirl: yeah, the stars did align for me that time..

chrisH: thanks. it was fun trying!

i am the diva said...

uhm, i think blogger is eating my comments..... i totally commented on this post... TWICE!

shrink on the couch said...

sexy farmhands -- now I like that!

CaliforniaKat said...

Goodness, he does look like you. And the photo being similar in pose is freaky!

My fiance and I found childhood photos of ourselves when we were both 3, and we're sitting exactly the same way with the same smile.