Monday, December 01, 2008

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

I realize that there are certainly bigger problems in the world, but I have been going back and forth on this one for 2 weeks now, so I figured I might as well throw the question out there to all you guys and let you decide for me. After all, all this worrying could add possibly add a wrinkle to my near perfect face.

Then NOBODY wins!

Anyway, if you have been coming here for any amount of time, you know that I am, without question, a technology whore. If the new latest and greatest gadget comes rolling down the assembly line, then I am inevitably the first idiot who runs out and pays way too much so I can call it my own.

I had a DVD player before anyone knew what the hell they were (over 10 years ago now), I bought a beta version of TIVO before they even were really selling any, my computer is constantly being upgraded to keep it bleeding edge… you get the picture.

So, about 5 years ago I decided to take the early plunge into High Definition TV, and got myself a quite sexy 65’’ widescreen TV that I paid a mint for and has been serving me faithfully ever since.

Then this summer, if you recall, I got myself a Playstation 3, so I could begin to upgrade my extensive movie collection to the newer and shinier Blu-Ray.

Here’s my problem…..

Although my TV plays my new Blu-Ray DVD’s fine and dandy, I was dismayed to discover that the picture quality was not really any better than a good “regular” DVD. I’ve tried changing just about every setting known to man, but I still wasn’t seeing true high-definition in my new DVDs.

And then I discovered the problem. Because my TV is now 5 years old, my resolution is only 1080i, while newer TV’s clock in at 1080p. I’m not going to bore you with the specifics, but basically, while both can display high definition, only models with 1080p will show Blu-Ray movies in all their high-def goodness, while MY set will only show it at regular DVD quality.

This simply will not do.

Or will it? Over the past 2 weeks I have literally almost bought 5 brand new televisions. Every time I’m about to pull the trigger, my conscience opens its big fat mouth and tells me that I am being a child for spending so much money when I have a perfectly good TV at home already.

So I leave the store, aggravated that I didn’t buy my new dream set.

And the next day, I pick a different store, and almost buy a new TV all over again.

This has become a vicious cycle that I can’t seem to break.

So I figured, why don’t I just do what I ALWAYS do when I have a tough decision to make?

Namely, let someone else decide for me.

So there you go, guys and girls.... the ball is now in your court.

Do I make myself extremely happy and get myself my new dream TV this week, basically just so I can watch Iron Man flying through the sky in high definition goodness, or do I pretend to be a sensible adult and just live with what I have?

Whatever I decide, it’s gonna be all YOUR fault!


Bob S. said...


Can't help you answer the question, but can provide a few questions that might help.

First and foremost, are you purchasing the TV at the cost of necessities?
If you or your family won't eat, have clothes, go to the doctor because of the purchase is it wise? I'm guessing this is probably a fairly resounding NO.

Second, would this purchase jeopardize short to mid term financial situation? I'm not a financial wiz, but I would (and am) preparing for the economy to get worse before it improves. If this is a purchase that will put a serious dent in any financial planning, is there a better use of the money?

Lastly, is the enjoyment you expect to get out of watching Iron Man in all his high def glory worth the price of the TV?

Many years ago, I was single working a good job and searching for a new car. I had own several entirely sensible and practical cars before this. This time I bought one that I wanted because it wasn't entirely sensible; an Acura Integra. I could afford it, it was a car that fit my needs and I was tired of being completely practical.

Sorry I didn't provide an answer but if it ain't hurting anyone, what harm does it do to buy?

Slyde said...

bob: welcome, and thanks. I probably should have mentioned all this in my post, but no, we would not have to scrimp on any of our necessities to get the tv. I'm not loaded, but i can afford it without having to send my son to school with no lunch :)

Sass said...

You only live once. Or so they say.

And I can only imagine...65 inches of Vince Vaughn...

Wait, you aren't into that, are you? ;)

Verdant Earl said...

Imagine how good all of your foot fetish porn will look on that big-screen. Toe for it, I mean "go for it!"

Ookami Snow said...

Buy the new TV and make up a contest for your blog to get rid of the old. :)

But seriously I am in the same spot, I need to get a new TV but I never actually buy one. Also I need a couch.

Anonymous said...

Don't buy the new tv. Save the $. As you yourself say, you are a bit of a technology whore and you are not shy about spending $. If you are having second thoughts, they are probably justified. The very fact that you are pausing to ask the question implies that you know that this is not a particularly wise purchase. If it were a reasonable purchase you would have already made it.

You (and we) also know that you WILL buy this new tv -- maybe now, maybe a month from now, so the point is moot.

Dr Zibbs said...

If you'll promise to rig it up so you can read my blog on that screen, I'm gonna go with yes.

James said...

Yeah do it. Only....the definition might be even better on the next generation in six months time...

Angie said...

Go for it... I didn't know you have playstation 3... we can play babe... i am sure my son will let me sneak a game in when he is at his dads.... You got me all excited when you said techno whore... wow... I always end up with the jocks.... maybe that was my mistake.. oxoxox

Slyde said...

sass: thats about 60 inches more than i can handle! did i just say that out loud?

earl: yeah, come to think of it, you havent dragged me with you to get any good foot fetish porn lately, have you?

ookami: i am way ahead of you. i have a couch!

latin: as always, sage advice. And as usual, you know me too well.

Slyde said...

zibbs: i'll certainly give it a shot.

james: thats always the problem... theres ALWAYS a better gen comming down the road. you cant always wait for the better thing.

sunshine: i'd love to play you. and maybe even play a game on the ps3 afterwards! Does your son have soul calibur 3 by any chance?

Unknown said...

If you have the ability to buy the new TV, just DO IT! My brother b ought one a few weeks ago and he said it makes all the difference in Blu-Ray, and besides, you will probably be able to find some awesome freaking deals in the next few weeks that you wouldn't have been able to find before. And you could always sell your old TV and get SOME money back for it. And Lord knows I do NOT want to see wrinkle in that beautiful face of yours!

SK Waller said...

Hell yeah, do it since you can afford it. As someone who can't afford one, I'd be insulted if you didn't!

You live once (if you're lucky).

Unknown said...

Well.. if you got the money... go for it... just know that further down the road there will always be something better. Wait until Christmas though.. make it oyur only gift to yourself

Michelle said...





Faiqa said...

I just don't get it. What exactly do you (and by "you," of course, I'm referring to my real life husband who doesn't even read this blog) hope to gain from the teeny weeny bit of improved resolution from that newer TV?
Yes, I've seen the one they have on display, yes it is far clearer, and makes everything appear as though it is actually happening in real life... but, no, my friend, it will not make Robert Downey, Jr. come out of the television screen and have a beer with you. It will not make him real. Deal with it.

Chris H said...

Get the new TV, you only bloody live once for goodness sake! And we soooo don't want to hear you bitching and moaning about it for the next year!

Chris H said...

Said "ever so nicely" of course!

Slyde said...

bina: there's my girl. Thats another thing.. there are some freaking amazing deals right now.

steph: as always, you are right..

michele: buy it for you? whats in it for me? :)

faiqa: Says you. i wont know for sure until i tryit.

chrish: and you are right.. i would SO bitch and fucking moan...

Mrs. Hall said...

I think I have to go against the grain here.

No, don't buy the new tv.

Sometimes, there is very tender sweetness in the want of things.

Even sweeter when you use put that money toward the Make A Wish foundation.

Just sayin'


Mrs. Hall

Ali said...

Hmmm, is it possible you might get an even better deal on it if you wait till after Christmas?

On one shoulder I have the itty, bitty Angel Ali going "Tell him to save his money, and to put it towards the greater good," in a cutsey sing-song voice...but then, there's that Bitchy Devil Ali on the other shoulder going "Tell him to buy it!!!" Make him spend the money!!! And then get him to sell you his other tv for like 200 bucks!!!"

I'm going with the Devil. Buy the tv. Let me know when you need my address for shipping.

badgerdaddy said...

One quick question, Your Hotness. Do you have good enough interconnects to get the best out of DVD player and TV? Many people make the mistake of not getting good leads to connect the two, and it's a huge mistake. If you got cheap or middling ones, getting some good ones might get you six more months of happiness before you shell out for a new telly...

Generally, aim to spend about one tenth of the total combined cost of your DVD player and TV on the leads. Sounds like a lot, but it's a great rule of thumb.

Who knew - work taught me something! I learned all that crap in the workplace!

Tamara said...

Why not wait till the next biggest thing in TV comes out and buy that before anyone has it? Otherwise you're just going to buy something now and hanker after the newer version in a month's time. Set yourself a time limit (and wait till the post-festive season broke feeling leaves) and buy it after that's up.

Or buy it now and ship your old one to me in South Africa.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

ok, I said this on MeLO's blog and the same holds true here. Girls do NOT get a boner over this stuff.
Having said that:
I say, buy the TV becaue you are never going to be happy with the one you have. Put the 65" beast in the basement.

Anonymous said...

go get it....Earl has a foot fetish?

Suzi Q said...

Buy the new tv!

Anonymous said...

well when it comes to tv (my fav thing) i say BUY IT!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't help wondering if they will be having even better sales in February when the signal starts getting converted. I dunno. It's a big ticket item and only you know your financial standing. But do let us know what you decide!

Slyde said...

holly: as always, you bring up a good point. I'm honestly ashamed to say that i dont know if im ready to be THAT giving, though..

ali: ive been thinking the same thing. the main reason i didnt buy this weekend is because i thought i could get a better deal in a week or 2.

tamara: the problem is there will ALWAYS be a next biggest thing. technology doesnt stop

badger: excellent points, but i think im ok there. I am using DVI inputs right now (which is HDMI without audio), so im about as good a connection as i can get, and my cables are near top-line

candy: its either going into the basement, or the guest room. im shooting for guestroom.

abes: oh, big time. he's a freak.

paige: im leaning that way

cuz: duly noted!

teeni: the financial state of the country is certainly a concern..

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde likes to pretend that I have a foot fetish because that is his defense mechanism to mask his own foot fetish. It's really sad.

Feet actually make me a bit ill. Not Slyde. He loves that shit! And I have the story to prove it.

He keeps up with this...and I might have to share it with the blogosphere. Hehehe. ;)

Anonymous said...

Couple of thoughts...

1. Now, or right after the Super Bowl, tend to be the best times to buy a bigscreen TV.

2. The prices have come WAY down since I bought mine 2 years ago.

3. Which models are you looking at? I spent about 18 months researching TVs before pulling the trigger on the Sony Bravia, and I've still not seen any TV that matches its quality or crispness.

Slyde said...

you forget that i was present at at the time of said story.

1 question, who's membership card was that rental on?

Anonymous said...

@earl...i think you're right. its a daily occurance that he's talkin feet...its always feet this or that, always points out people in sandals(women and men), sometimes even mentions socks...abnormal at best

Verdant Earl said...

Yeah. I betcha if we polled all the women on his blogroll we would find that he has commented at least once about their feet or their shoes or their stockings. AT LEAST ONCE! And yes, Slyde...I was there at the time of the story I would love to tell. But that's it. The fetish is allllll yours, buddy!

Slyde said...

i hate you both. really.

Bruce Johnson said...

Tough question. Being a techie myself I understand the frustration, however, I am pretty much starting my techo-withdrawl. Simpler is better and I am sure they will replace Blue-Ray with Halo-Ray by 2015. It costs to much money to ride the wave anymore. I would like the bigger HDTV just to use it as a computer monitor...imagine how many windows you could have open at once....boggles the mind.

But for entertainment, I am taking the low road. I am collecting LaserDiscs and VHS box sets for when HDTV broadcast goes on line next February. Then I am eventually going to retire to a cabin the woods with my old analog TV, my Laserdisc player and VCR and watch commerical free cinema for the rest of my life....for free.

(Owww, buy the new TV, your mini-slyde will probably never really use that college tuition money anyway.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, big boy, is that a 1080p or are you happy to see me?

Oh whatever, there are, like, starving children in Croatia or like something.

Buy what you want. Buy buy BUY!!! Keep our economy going.

I've been trying to keep up my end of the bargain for years by buying $700 pairs of shoes.

Now it's your turn, big boy.

Slyde said...

lemur: sorry, i totally missed your post.

Ive been looking at alot of models. I'd like an Aquous but the price just goes thru the roof. I also almost pulled the trigger on a 52 '' sharp on sunday. One of the main reasons im looking to get one NOW is because, with circuit city closing, i can get some really good deals. I was there on saturday and im not sure that any of the sets i saw then are going to be around still in 3 weeks...

bruce: i love laserdiscs. I always felt it a shame that they just didnt catch on. They were just as clear, if not clearer, than dvd's. I think their size is ultimitly what did them in.

bob: dont hit me up with the croatia thing or i'll NEVER get the damn tv out of guilt..

Anonymous said...

Andrew -- if you want, give me a call tonite - I was also looking at the Aquos; but decided against it, in favor of the Sony...and, really, there are a number of reasons why I made the call that way.

Also - I have a guy at PC Richard that has beaten every price on everything I've ever brought to him -- that may help you as well.

Slyde said...

this is something thats ive been wondering.... would pc richards beat the price of a Circuit City what with their current going out of business prices?

on saturday that had a gorgeous 52 inch sony lcd that had a $3299 sticker that they were clearing out for 2099.

Verdant Earl said...

That's a great deal.

But it's $2,099. For a TV set. Dude.

Anonymous said...

I can call you on my way home tonite...what time will you be home?

Slyde said...

I'm not sure i will be. I've got to help out my in-laws and neices with some stuff at their place tonight. With the way this day is going i probably wont be home till late.

Thanks for the help tho. If i get home tonight at a normal time i will try to call you. I wont buy anything until i get to speak with you.