Monday, November 03, 2008

You Might Not Know This But…

Over a week ago, the awesome MikeB tagged me for a meme. As a rule, I try to stay away from the whole ‘meme’ business. It’s not that I ‘dislike’ them, per se. It’s just that I usually find them kinda lame, and too many people tend to use them solely to fill a new page in their blog when they have nothing really to write about.

But, since this blog is all about my favorite topic (Me), and this particular meme caters to that particular demographic, I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Go gentle with me…. It’s been a while.

5 Odd or Semi-Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Me

1- I am obsessed with the TV Show Survivor. Except for the very first episode when my Tivo inexplicably didn’t record it, I have never missed a show. I used to run a Survivor pool that grew and grew each season that I ran it, to the point where I had so many people playing for about $800 in prize money, that it just became too much work and I ended it.

Before I die, I MUST get on the show. I have sent in 2 audition tapes now, and I’ll likely do a third soon. I made it a decent way into the audition process for Survivor 3: Africa before they cut me, but I am not daunted. One day you WILL see me on that show!

2- As a child, I had a pretty severe case of OCD. In my case, I was obsessed with things being ‘even’. If I touched a pen with my LEFT hand, I had to then touch it with my RIGHT hand. If, while touching it with my RIGHT hand, I ended up touching it slightly differently than I had originally with my LEFT, then I’d have to touch it again with my RIGHT to simulate the original touch with my LEFT, then I’d have to touch it again with my LEFT to simulate the second touch from my RIGHT. Sometimes, something as simple as getting out of a chair would take 15 minutes.

I never told my parents about it. One day, when I was about 12, I decided that this whole process was ridiculous, and getting worse, so I made a conscious decision to do things ‘unevenly’ in an attempt to ‘overload’ my problem. It was hard at first, but over time I was able to suppress it enough to make it manageable.

But still, to this day, if I’m not thinking about it, I’ll find myself doing something with one hand or leg that I just did with the other.

3- I almost always sleep naked. I have this weirdness about me and clothes while I sleep. For some reason which I can’t seem understand, even if I go to sleep wearing clothes, by the time I wake up I always have my shirt off, and usually my sweatpants as well.

My hatred of shirts I can at least understand. Anything that is touching my neck while I’m sleeping bothers me. I have tried to circumvent this by sleeping with a tank top, but inevitably I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking something is touching my neck, so I end up taking it off.

The loss of my pants, I cannot explain. Unless I’m getting molested in the night. Which I’m ok with, really. I’d just like to know who it is, is all.

4- Friz’s mother’s maiden name is the same as mine. And that’s pretty odd considering my last name is a big honkin’ Italian name that isn’t too common. When we first started dating, we made damn sure that we had no immediate family in common. I still have these fears that one day I’ll open up one of my grandmothers old photo albums and see a picture of a 5 year old Friz and my grandma will say, “Oh, we haven’t seen that side of the family in AGES!”

I’m sure that if you go back to the old country, I bet our families had come from the same town 100-150 years back, but since my son wasn’t born with 25 toes, I think it must be a pretty distant relation.

5- Guys are known to focus in on one attribute of the female species as their favorite. Some guys can fall in love with a woman’s eyes, or her lips. Others are into butts, some are breast men. Some even have the audacity to take the woman’s personality into account.

Not me. Sure, all of the above are just fine and dandy, but I am, and always will be, a leg man. If a woman walks by me sporting a long pair of stems, I will be sure to be looking her way. I don’t know exactly when this obsession started, but I am hopelessly captured within its thrall.

My wife accepts this weakness of mine. Of course, the fact that she’s got a killer pair of legs herself slightly stacks the deck in her favor, anyway.


Whew, that was actually fun. Kinda therapeutic, in a way.

I actually thought of another half dozen or so things I could add, but this post is long enough already. Maybe I’ll do a part 2 at some point.

Besides, some of them are a little………. dirty. I’m not sure you guys could handle it.


Dr Zibbs said...

I'm reading a David Sedaris book right now and he's talking about his OCD. It's frightening.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh...well I'll have to be sure to return for the dirty one! ;)

Personally, I don't have a favorite part. I'm just happy when they have all of their teeth.

Slyde said...

zibs: yeah, ive heard of some extreme and very debilitating cases.... its quite sad

reallive: i concur. all their teeth is a plus!

Michelle said...

YES on the naked sleeping, but you already know that about me!!!


Verdant Earl said...

So if you touch my penis with your right hand 5 times, how many times are you gonna have to touch it with your left?

Just curious.

Ali said...

Earl - LOL!!!

I hate Survivor, sorry :(

I have just a touch of ocd...and it's mostly with things that cause mind.

Naked, it's the only way.

My background is Irish, husband's is Romanian - I'm pretty sure we're safe.

Oooh, sorry. I'm only 5'5". Not so much with the long gams.
But on a guy? Gotta be the eyes, the lips, and the teeth. I'm a freak about pretty teeth.

And hit us up with the dirty one :)

Angie said...

I had to stop at the naked part.. my mind wondered and needed to find a better way of not getting caught when i take advantage of you in the middle of the night, while I wrap my long legs around your waist, but I ALWAYS make sure it is not around your neck too tight ( at least!)

Mrs. Hall said...

Of course I have to comment on the OCD.

BRILLANT SLYDE!!!! That is beyond awesome that you took charge and worked your way through it.

It really goes to show you that while the brain works via a system of nerves and chemicals, we are still in charge. Mind over mind!

Just fascinating stuff.

That goodness you took charge, really.

I bet the whole "not liking stuff touching my neck" is related. OCD is an 'anxiety' based disorder. Hmm..

Ok ok enought, go, be naked and nap



Slyde said...

michele: lol! yes, i did.

earl: i'm not sure. How many times did i touch it the last time?

ali: into pain? ok, now YOU'RE the one thats gonna have to share!

sunshine: Do you realize what you just did to me? of course you do. I love you for it :)

holly: once again you are the queen of comments that make me think. I had never thought that the neck thing was related to my ocd, but now that i look back on it all, i can see how they could in fact all be related. I might have to do some research on the topic...thanks for that.

Shania said...

Finally! Someone else who's never missed a Survivor. We're a rare breed. I hear that if you make your audition tape in the nude, it helps.

When doing our family tree, I found a tenth greatgrandmother that my husband and I share. But we do live in WV, so we're good.

Anonymous said...

If I can handle the dirty stuff then anyone can. LOL.

That is cool about Survivor - I would watch it if you got on the show since I'm not a watcher now. But I hope you do get on the show so we can all say, "Oh, I knew him when all he was just a blogger." LOL. Seriously - it would be cool. If you get on you have to win though. But no pressure. :)

Mrs. Hall said...

Well, I am a mental health professional so ya know, I can't help but share what I know. (you do know what I do for a living don't you?)

Basically, OCD falls under the category of 'anxiety disorders'. Anxiety is felt by people when their nervous system is excited (increased heart rate, increased breathing, just feeling nervous, et cetera) OCD has a whole other set of criteria, but your description is pretty textbook.

You took charge though, overriding your anxiety, challenging it. ROCK ON!!

But, you say you still have it 'if you’re not paying attention'. Which is the truth really. You are most likely hard wired this way. BUT! You are also hard wired to challenge the OCD tendency. Again AWESOME!!!

So, I think that at night, when you are most venerable, your nervous system might be on overdrive. Hence the oversensitivity towards clothing. This is a kind of sensory disregulation. Which is whole 'nother topic!

This is just a guess.

Ok ok! You take it from here.

Any more from me and I'll have to charge you!!



Chris H said...

EEEEWWWW Earl ....

Now where was I? Oh yeah, some very interesting facts there Slyde... explains a lot.... *snigger*

Janine / Being Brazen said...

Hope you do get a chance to be on survivor one day

Tamara said...

I was the same as a kid. My brother loved it. He'd kick me in my right shin and then say, "Now you're uneven. I have to kick you in the left shin too."

Naked sleeping is the only way. I always keep clothes next to the bed in case we get burgled though. Hehehe... can you tell I live in Johannesburg by that?

badgerdaddy said...

I know why you sleep naked. You're so fucking hot, that's why.

Sass said...

Oooh, I totally get ya on the left/right hand thing.

I mean, no...I don't. 'Cause that would make me weird, right?

I can't sleep in socks, but I often try to, so there are probably 3 pairs of socks tangled up in my sheets right now.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

I hope you reach your goal of getting on Survivor. If you can take control of your OCD than you can make it on to Survivor. You go Sylde!

Earl-heehee. Good one. I kinda like you.

I see the sleeping naked thing as the ultimate act of freedom! Like stripping your body of any and all restrictions when your mind is in a semi-conscious state. BTW-how many kids do you have?

Unknown said...

Slyde, You really wrote serious stuff about yourself. I loved the one about if you go to bed with clothes on, they come off during the night. That's a riot. And curing yourself of the OCD, that's cool.

I'll be watching for Part II. The original post was for 7, so you owe us.

Unknown said...

# 2 just fascinates me for some reason. When I was little, I had to count, EVERYTHING! Steps I took, the cracks in the sidewalk on the way to school, etc. Don't know when it stopped but thank God it did.

#4? Yea, that's me molesting you!

Actually, I can't sleep with clothes on either. AT ALL! I can't even fall asleep with clothes on. It's been that way for longer thant 20 years, I'm sure. And yea, the neck thing? Maybe we were strangled in another life.

#5 I think I have nice legs. At least I'm told all the time I do. One lady told me I have the legs of a 17 year old. I THINK that's a good thing.

I would love to hear more cause these are actually pretty damn good.

Slyde said...

shania: whew! thank god for WV!

teeni: believe me, if i ever get on, im telling EVERYBODY!

mrs hall: thats an interesting theory about my neck issues activating when im a state of least resistance. I think i buy it.

chrish: i agree. earl is a pig

Slyde said...

brazen: thanks... me too!

tamara: another vote for naked sleeping! woo hoo!

badgerdaddy: yeah, that was my first thought, too

sass: see, thats funny. socks are the one thing that i usually CAN sleep in

candy: i have 1 little one, that turned 6 yesterday. And please dont encourage earl... he'll just keep at it.

Slyde said...

mikeb: yeah, i remembered it was 7 after i finished. i'll have to owe you...

bina: legs of a 17 year old? would you be willing to send me a picture so i can be the judge of that? :)

Faiqa said...

HAHAHAHA @ Earl. I, too, am a naked sleeper, slightly OCD, am a "leg" woman (can't deal with skinny legged guys), and, this is totally true, my mother has the same maiden name as my husband's last name. Weird, huh? I'm totally going to stalk you even more than I already do.

Slyde said...

faiqa: wow.

You, miss, are apparently the yin to my yang....

Bruce Johnson said...

the wife and I tried out for the Amazing Race this year....didn't get anywhere and after watching this years race...I am not sure how far we would have gotten. Age is starting to temper my enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

Move to west Virginia and you would be voted governor! As long as you can stiffle earl and his admissions.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

I feel like I now, somehow *know* you after reading that. I dig it. and I'll be back for the dirt and dirty!

Slyde said...

bruce: Earl has said since season 1 of the amazing race that he and i should enter.

I think we'd actually be a kick ass team... He'd do all the navigating (which i suck at), and i'd do all the challenges..

Slyde said...

abes: there IS no stifling earl.

jennifer: another vote for the dirty stuff.. i may just have to do it after all..

James said...

Hey slyde,
is that bare legs or wrapped in pantyhose you like best..

Interesting about the OCD.

Slyde said...

james: bare legs, all the way. I actually hate pantyhose... skin is best..

A said...

Number 3 is hilarious:

"The loss of my pants, I cannot explain. Unless I’m getting molested in the night. Which I’m ok with, really. I’d just like to know who it is, is all."

Actually, as memes go, I think this is a good one.