Monday, September 22, 2008

Speech! Speech!

I dont remember which one of you little scamps had asked me what Friz said exactly in her speech/limerick to me on my surprise Birthday Party last week, but as I was cleaning up yesterday (studly AND domesticated... thats me!), I happened upon a piece of paper.

Guess what? The aforementioned slip of paper actually contained a draft of her speech.

I figured I might as well put it up here for posterity, as well as to satisfy all the thousands of people who wanted desperately to attend the party, but weren't cool enough to actually warrant an invite. All you poor souls can now read along, close their eyes, and imagine that they were there.

So, without any more delay, here it be:

When I first saw him I thought, "Oh wow, I could adore him!"

Then I said, "but the height might not be right"

So then me and my friend saw him in the gym and she said, "Will ya freaking LOOK at him!!"

"Look at his body... he's a real hotty!"
"Look at his face!". She wouldn't get off my case.

So i said, "Oh rats, I'll just wear flats!"

All it took was one elevator ride for me to decide that this could be right,
and that we should go out one night.

So I got home and said to my mother with a smirk,
"I met this cute guy at work!"

"I told her he looks like that man who can act, Armond Asanti, and that is a fact."

"Seems a bit shy, but he's a real nice guy."

We went out one Fall night,
and I knew this was right,
because I did not want him out of my sight.

So I told my best friend about him and she said "That guy? But why?"

She consulted with her hubby and he said "Oh Andy, He's just fine and dandy"
"But he's just like me... he just ain't handy."

One things for sure, he's not always quiet,
for when he tells a story, he sure is a riot.

We all know he's not into sports,
he'd much rather play a game with an unusual name.

As you can see we DID get married,
and are as happy as can be.

We have our son Joey who he loves with all his heart,
and with him as his dad he's off to a great start.

So now he is 40 and doesnt look his age,
as this is just a new page.

He caught up to me and now we can say he is older,
but I will still be bolder.

So in the end I am glad that I met him.
He is alright, and we sure are tight.

Happy 40th!

Wasn't that sweet? I think I just might keep her.

Makes me feel a tad guilty that, last year, on HER 40th surprise party, I basically stood up and mumbled to the crowd, "Thanks for comming, everyone", before I quickly sat my ass back down.
Hey, it's the THOUGHT that counts, isn't it?


Angie said...

very nice,,,((clapping)) very nice

Verdant Earl said...

The whole point of the speech was calling you short, right? ;)

She did a great job and you're a lucky guy!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a nice tribute to you! How sweet and it sounds like you two made a good decision when you got together. Congrats! See, Slyde, 40 isn't so bad after all!

Slyde said...

sunshine: thanks!

earl: i fully accept the fact that my ONE shortcomming in life is that i am not 6 feet tall. Other than that, im perfect.

Teeni: Thanks! It WAS a nice tribute...

Michelle said...

Wow that is a great poem and tribute to your hmm shortcommings!! Hey, you said it first!!

So your name is Andy?? Can i call you that or should i still refer to you as slyde??

You have a cool wife for sure!!


Mrs. Hall said...

Wow. That is very cool! She took time out to rhyme and everything. That is very, very awesome.

And I am not sure if the thought counts (with regards to mumbling). Well it may count, a little. You can always make it up to her ;)

let her sleep in. That's always the best present for this wife!


Mrs. Hall

Chris H said...

Awwww isn't she so sweet! You are a lucky guy for sure.

Sweets said...

very sweet and yes you should keep her :)~

Tamara said...

I normally HATE things that rhyme, but even I have to admit that was cute ;-)

Slyde said...

michele: you can call me whatever you like (im sure ive been called worse)..

mrs hall: yeah, but that would mean that I have to get up early... i dont know if im ready to make THAT kind of comittment.

chrisH: yeah i guess so.

sweets: agreed.

Slyde said...

tamara: you hate things that rhyme? Why, dont you have the time? i like them just fine.

Anonymous said...

brings a tear to the eye....

Unknown said...


So THAT'S why I wasn't invited? I'm not "cool" enough? Hmmph.

LOVE the poem. She IS a sweeties. How long have you guys been married, studly?

Slyde said...

abes: it would...

bina: 9 years... headed for the big 1-0.

Anonymous said...

Aaawwww... Me thinks, somebody better get ready for next years party now! Start typing!

Tequila Mockingbird said...

ok, so how tall are you? if the height isnt right... that means youre short.

or she's really tall.

so which is it?

Tequila Mockingbird said...

happy birthday too! here's some birthday tits:

( * ) ( * )

gotta love some ascii pron!

Bruce Johnson said...

I have this sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind, that you made this whole thing up because you have a terribly large and insatiable ego.....

elizabeth said...

Aw. That IS sweet. She loves you! Isn't love wonderful? I think I need to be smacked out of this mushy place I find myself....

elizabeth said...


Slyde said...

honey: no way.. im NOT a speech giver..

tequilla: i am a studly 5'7. Friz is 5'7 too, but shes all legs..

lotus: ego? me? no way!

liz: thanks missy... yes, you have been extremely HAPPY lately.. you need to stop that nonsense...

Anonymous said...

it was a very nice speech & you guys make such a CUTE couple!

Slyde said...

cuz: thanks!