Monday, August 25, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

I have FINALLY taken all of my posts over from the old Slydesblog, and transplanted them over here to the new site. Now you all can while away the hours, as you peruse my archives, reading up on all my older adventures.

Damn that sucked.

It was MUCH harder than I thought, mostly because Blogger tended to turn any post where I embedded a lot of pictures into a total state of higgledy-piggledy. I even transferred over all of Earl’s old posts, back when he used to be cool and write for me.

The only problem now is, I have hundreds of posts up, and 99 percent of them have zero comments. When someone new comes here, it will look like I blogged for 2 ½ years and never had anyone come here to comment, which would be kinda pathetic. I’m not sure if my ego can handle that.

So, what do do?

What I think I might try next over the next week or so, is to add links to all my old Haloscan comments to each of the posts, so at least posts from the last 8 months or so (when I started USING Haloscan) can still be viewed. Besides, I wouldn’t want all you fine people’s comments just disappearing into the ether.

Beyond that, I don’t think I’m going to go overboard and link to the older forums. It would just be too much of a pain in the ass to maintain that old crappy database.

People are just going to assume that I suddenly became popular 8 months ago. I think I can live with that.

P.S. To all of you overly technical people who commented on the previous post and wondered how I could grab a stuffed animal and end up grabbing Amy Fisher’s boob instead: The stuffed animal wasn’t on a table. It was sitting on a shelf-thingy where I had placed it while I was playing another game. It was (apparently) exactly at booby-level. Win-win for me!

P.P.S. I just made a post about making posts. This is a new low point for me here at Slydesblog. No one could have POSSIBLY been interested in reading this. I suck.


Verdant Earl said...

Wait...when did you become popular? How did I miss that?

Ali said...

Well, I AM on maternity leave at the moment, and I COULD be coerced (or rather, paid) to go comment on all your older avoid any bruising to your ego.

I would totally be doing it so that you didn't feel so bad, and you know, for the money :)

Sitting In Silence said...

LMAO @ Ali......

I cannie think of any thing to say now that I am laughing at Ali...

But at least this makes up a commet hey !

Anonymous said...

Do YOU go to your blog buddy's sites and go through all THEIR old posts looking at THEIR old comments? So why kill yourself and worry that people will think you look like a loser for not having comments. I doubt it is worth all the effort. Um, however, if you answered yes to the above question then thanks for looking back through all my old posts and the comments. ;)

Anyway, congrats on getting all the posts over - that must feel good to have it over with.

Mrs. Hall said...

Congratulations on the mission accomplished. I still don’t understand the whole Amy Fischer accidental boob grab thing.

But, I guess I can trust it.

I still think I need a visual aid though.


MRS. (not ms) Hall

Unknown said...

Hrmmmm.... I only read archived posts when I have loads a spare time.

Which at the moment I dont have. Or the guy is single and hot and i want to molest him. I dont think your single, therefore you dont qualify.

But I'll let you touch my boobie anytime. I love a good tittie grope!

Sweets said...

let me make you feel better... if a new blogger found your blog he/she would probably read a few older posts... just for kicks... but i PROMISE you they won't feel the need to go back 2 1/2 years... don't feel bad Slyde, that's just the way it is :)

we all heart your blog so stop stressing :)~

Tamara said...

What? Earl didn't agree with you when you said you suck? What's the world coming to?

I'm with Sweets. We heart your blog.

Anonymous said...

popular, nah, this is the only blog that the crappy network at my office will let through...funny thing is how you turned cool after earl stopped writing for there a corrolation?

Slyde said...

earl: remarkably, i became popular right after you left..

ali: ah, if i had the bucks, i might actually consider it :)

silence: yup.. +1 comment for me!

Slyde said...

teeni: yeah, i see your point. It just kinds irks me that im losing years of comments... thems the breaks tho.

mrs hall: a visual aid may get me into trouble... :)

(.)(.): see, thats why i love you.. you're so damn accomodating!

Slyde said...

sweets: id actually be surprised if ANYONG ever reads my old posts.. i really just wanted them here so i didnt ever lose them..

tamara: yeah, he's old. He forgets things nowadays..

abes: of course!

Bruce Johnson said...

Wait a minute, other people actaully read your blog? Wow....who knew?

Bruce Johnson said...

Wait a minute, other people actaully read your blog? Wow....who knew?

Slyde said...

lotus: yes, apparently at least YOU do... twice!

Unknown said...

You suck? At what? Cause it's not blogging baby. And I completely understand how you could grab a boob accidentally. I'm sure it happens ALL the time, right???

Michelle said...

So, am i one of the technical people you are referring to when i asked how you could have reached for a stuffed animal and touched boobs instead??? Thats ok Slyde, i think i understand now! Would you like me to reinact it? I would!!

Also, i like your blog. Not sure if i will go back 2 years worth of posts but i may shuffle through a bit!!!


Anonymous said...

Let's hope it goes over better than Dubbyahs!

Slyde said...

bina: it doesnt happen half as much as i'd like it to :)

michele: yes, you were definitely one of the techies! i'm here to set ya'll straight!

honey: here here!

Ookami Snow said...

However now i am commenting about making a post about a post.

Does this make the new low point in the blog? Or is it so low that infact it is really a new high?


Slyde said...

ookami: you know, you are right. This is a vicious cycle of "lowness" that we should just end now...

Anonymous said...

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