Friday, July 11, 2008

Movin' On Up

Ok, I have hemmed, I have hawed, I have procrastinated, I have dragged this out just about as much as I possibly could, but I think I have finally decided to move my blog in the next week or so over to Blogger.

I know there were quite a few of you people who were saying Wordpress is the way to go over Blogger, but for my needs, I’m just not seeing it.

I know I can go the route, and use their software to host my own site, but honestly, if I make this move, Its because I want to do LESS work, not learn something new.

Even if it IS easy to use (I’m sure it is), I think I’ll pass.

Then I looked at, and I liked it, except for one thing: After I pick a template, it seems that if I want to change some aspects of the template (like margins or whatever), then I have to PAY to upgrade my service in order to alter the CSS. It’s not a lot of money (like $30 a year), but why should I pay for something that I can do with Blogger for free? Can you Wordpress users confirm this?

It’s gonna hurt me to give up this site. There are definitely a few things I see with Blogger that I might just have to swallow and live with, but live with it I shall. In the end, for getting to post stuff easier (and from anywhere.. right now I can only post at home), I think I can learn to live with it.

It will be hard to give up these hand-coded pages, though. This site has been a labor of love (and frustration) for 3 years now. Over time, I will put all these posts up on the new site, to keep everything in one place.

Also, I plan to eventually redirect to the new blogger site, so you guys shouldn’t need to change your links.

So, this may in fact be my last post on these hallowed halls, depending on how things go. I am 99 percent committed to making the switch…. I just need to convince that stubborn-as-shit final 1 percent to go with the flow.

p.s. On a totally unrelated note: I did NOT end up getting anywhere near the amount of sympathy I wanted with my last post. At least not until the lovely and sexy Stef offered to fly out to Long Island and give me a well-deserved BJ. Good for her, I say!


Verdant Earl said...

To a deluxe apartment in the sky...

Verdant Earl said...

Don't you use Google Reader? If so you didn't have to build your blog-roll one by one over there in your sidebar. They have a new widget where you can just import the subscriptions from Google.

Unknown said...

Welcome to bloggerland. It's a great place, just don't drink the water.

Caz said...

hey mister. discovered you via doodlesofajourno. Much sympathy on your illness. SUCKS!! But not AS much sympathy as Stef! haha

Slyde said...

earl: you'll have to show me that.. im new to this blogger shit.

meghan: no water. got it.. thanks!

caz: welcome! Not as much as steff, huh? ok, you're still new... we can work on that.. :)