Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ooooooh Kaaaaay....

So, I’m working on my computer last night doing some incredibly important business from home (i.e. Playing a computer game), when I spied, with my little eye, some movement behind me.

I spun around on my computer chair, to see who/what it was….

I wasn’t quite ready for what I found.


Yes, you are looking at that correctly. My son was wearing a shower cap, a pair of my socks, and Friz’ high heels.

I’m not too sure what kind of look he was trying to pull off, but whatever it was, he thought this was fucking hysterical. He was laughing like a loon the whole time.

But I had the upper hand this day. I quickly reached for my camera and snapped this pic for all posterity.

Every time, for the rest of my life, whenever he decides to give me any problems in the years to come, I can now whip out this picture (which I plan from this day forward to carry in my breast pocket), and lay the humiliating smack-down on him.

Just the THREAT of showing this picture should be good enough to get him to shape up and fly right.

“What’s that, son? Your friends are making too much noise but you won’t tell them to cool it?
That’s fine. Maybe they’d like to see some old family photos. I just happen to have one here in my shirt pocket.”

“Yeah, I thought so.”

This picture will be worth a mint, mark my words…….

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