Thursday, May 22, 2008

That's Not How You're Supposed To Use It

Anyone who knows me, knows that besides being devilishly handsome, independently wealthy, great in bed, and hung like a horse, I am also a big techno-geek.

That is to say, that if I hear about the latest electronic doo-dad, and it sounds cool, the thought of owning it grows and festers in my mind like a weed, until I finally snap and pay whatever price I can just to be the first to own it.

It’s a sickness, I know, but I have long since come to terms with my affliction. Instead of trying to fight it futilely, I now just give in to the orgasmic rush that comes over me and just buy whatever the hell the object is, just so I can stop obsessing on it.

I bought one of the first DVD players that ever rolled off the assembly line. When I bought my Tivo over 10 years ago, they weren’t even being sold to the public yet.

From the Ipod, to the Wii, to an embarrassing list of other techno-toys that I bought months or years before anyone else, my affliction clearly knows no bounds.

So, this month I decided to just accept my fate and get the Wii Fit board as soon as the damn thing hit the stores, which was yesterday morning.

In anticipation, I tried all weekend to find a store that would let me reserve it, but literally EVERY store I went to would no longer take pre-orders because of the high demand.

So, while telling myself I was doing it “for my son”, instead of going to work yesterday, I went to Best Buy to stand in front of the store for an hour or 2 until they opened. When I called the day before, they had said they would only have a small number in stock, and I was determined to get one of them.

By the time the store opened, the line was around the block with uber-dorks waiting to try their luck at grabbing one.

Fortunately for me, I can run much faster than the average nerd… behold!

For what it’s worth, the Wii Fit is a blast, and you really CAN get a good workout from it. Last night I did all the beginning yoga and strength training exercises, and the board pretty much kicked my ass.

Plus, it has some aerobic games, like Dance Revolution and virtual skiing, that my son was finding quite fun…..

…. maybe a little bit TOO fun, however.

While I was in the shower this morning, I heard my son wake up, paddle downstairs, and turn on the TV. I heard him turning on the Wii, and start up a round of high-jump skiing.

Imagine my surprise when I came downstairs for breakfast and spied THIS scene:

He seemed unable to explain to me WHY he decided to ski naked. Or perhaps I, refusing to push that hard, really wanted to know the answer.

All I know is I cannot wait until everyone goes to bed tonight, to try my hand at some naked virtual Hula-Hooping.

Anyone want me to take pictures?

Unfunny Edit: Apparently my son's bare butt isn't as funny to Friz as it is to me, so for sake of his future modesty I made a slight edit. That just reduced the "funny" by half. Damn.

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