Saturday, May 17, 2008

She Must Really Be Into Food Prices

Yeah, I know that this has been screaming its way all over the internet this week, but who cares? I think its funny, and I wanted to watch it again, so now I'm forcing you all to watch it with me.

Sue Simmons has been a local news anchor here in New York for.... well forever. I can remember her doing the news when I was a kid, for God's sake!

Anyway, earlier this week, during one of the teasers for the 11:00 news, during the 10:30 commercial break, Sue suddenly decided to start cursing at someone, and dropped the "F" bomb.

I have watched this about 10 gazillion times this week. I just think it's the bees knees. Maybe it's just because Sue Simmons has been such a fixture of journalism here in NY for so long, with nary a controversy ever swirl around her, or maybe its just because I LOVE it when news people fuck up, but this has kept me chuckling every single time I've watched it.

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