Monday, May 12, 2008


Ladies, here’s an idea that will undoubtedly make home life with your significant other a much happier place.

Forget Oprah.

Forget “The Secret”.

I’ve got your ticket to a happy relationship right here. And I’ll give it to ya’ll for free.


If I happen to see that you are OBVIOUSLY pissed off about something, and I, wanting to be a loving sort of dude, ask you ..

“What’s wrong?”

… and you answer me with a flat, “Nothing.”….

… Then just accept the fact that I am not going to ask you “What’s wrong?” again and again until you decide that it might finally be a good time to tell me what the fucking problem is.

No, apparently it’s much more healthy to just fume about it for 2 days.

Then, after I have completely forgotten about it, I’ll inevitably get invited to partake in the dialogue that always starts with…

“Do you want to know why I was so pissed off the other day?”

Honestly? 2 days later?

No, I really fucking don’t.

Guy’s just don’t act like this. We really don’t. It’s stupid, and as we all know guys are perfect and never do stupid stuff.

It’s ALMOST enough to make me go gay….

That is, if I didn’t have to deal with the whole “butt” thing.

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