Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Bullet With Your Name On It

What does it mean when I have a whole lot of minor stuff to tell you all, but want to get it all told in just 1 single post?

I’ll tell ya what It means…..


- Tomorrow at 4:00pm I need to call in to see if I have jury duty next week. Normally, the thought of sitting in that damn jury room all week would be filling me with dread, but my work-life has been really sucky lately, so I think a week of handing out a beat-down to some drug-runner or murderer might just be what the doctor ordered.

I’ve never sat on a jury. I have been CALLED to jury duty 2 other times in my life, and managed to get out of having to serve both times. The first time, I sat in the jury room for a week while the lawyers interviewed people in groups of 10. I was in the last group and before they got to me they had picked their jury. The second time, I needed to get back to work so I made up a sob story that I had to go home to take care of an invalid family member, so the lawyers took pity on me and let me go.

But I’m guilt-free on the work front this time around. In fact, I think I need a little vacation, and driving out to the eastern end of Long Island each day in the convertible sounds a whole HELL of a lot more fun than working right now, so I’ll take it.

Watch, I WON'T get called now.

- Speaking of the convertible, yesterday was almost 80 degrees here, so I hit the automatic top and cruised home in topless glee. When I got home, I pressed the “up” button, and, maybe it was just me, but I could have sworn that it took much longer than normal for the top to come back up.

Mark my words, if this top isn’t properly fixed yet, and I have to bring a car with 5,000 miles on it back to the shop for the SIXTH FUCKING TIME, you will all hear my primal scream of rage from wherever on the globe you might be.

-For anyone who uses RSS but has not subscribed to me yet because of all the trouble I was having with it, let me officially announce that RSS IS FINALLY WORKING! That’s right! Free at last! Free at last! Thanks to everyone who stuck with it giving me good suggestions, and helping me test. If anyone sees any problems, let me know, but I think I have finally done what all the uber-nerds on the geek forums said couldn’t be done… namely put an RSS feed up on a home-made Frontpage website.

I am king of the techno-geeks! All fear me!

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