Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Best Husband Ever!

Ok, now I need to set the record straight.

In my last post, I bitched about how you chickitas get all mad and righteous about some things, but refuse to tell your man exactly WHY you're so pissed until DAYS later, at which point I could no longer give 2 figs why you were mad in the first place.

Since I seem to have the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as the bulk of my blog readership, I was, in short order, treated to all manner of reasons why, to YOU all, this behavior seems perfectly damn normal.

Plus I got the obligatory smart-assed/more-than-slightly-man-crushed response from Earl, but that's a given (and besides the point for this discussion).

But then I got to the comments by the sexy and so-obviously-hot-for-me-its-not-funny Artful Kisser, who suggested that perhaps Friz's reasons for being the Ice Queen the other day might have been caused by my forgetting of a certain holiday that occurred this past weekend.

How dare you, woman!

No, I did NOT forget Mother's day, in fact I DO believe I went above and beyond this year.

Friz has been wanting to do some major house improvements lately. There are a TON of things we need to do to this house, but one of the things that really irks her is that, even though our rooms on the first floor are pretty large (kitchen, dining room, living room, etc), the people who built the house put in these ridiculously small archways between the rooms, and it pretty much looked ridiculous. She has been dieing to "open up" these rooms for awhile now.

So, what did I, little bugger that I am, do?

I had work begun to make all the changes she wanted. The workers worked all last week, and just finished up today.

This entranceway, from our dining room to our kitchen, used to be a small archway. I had the walls taken down, had the columns put up with the crown molding, and had it all repainted.

Likewise, I had the small archway between our Kitchen and Den blown out to what you see above.
She had wanted this done for ages, and it came out exactly as she had hoped.
Isn't this much better than some shitty flowers?
Ladies, am I not the perfect man?
Sexy, suave, considerate, and devastatingly handsome (not to mention a tiger in the sack)?
Oh yeah, and "modest". I always forget modest.

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