Saturday, April 12, 2008


Due to overwhelming demand (i.e. a few people repeatedly busting my balls about it), I have been sitting here on a rainy Saturday afternoon going all Technogeek, trying to finally add an RSS feed to this site.

This SHOULD be the part of the story where I tell everybody "Good news! Here it is!".

But instead, this will be the part of the story where I yell "FUUUUUUUCK!".

For what its worth, I think I'm pretty close. It may actually even be working, but that would probably be the equivalent of a "Tiny Tim" sized Christmas miracle.

I just need some pains-in-the-asses people who actually use this stuff to give it a try and let me know exactly what the Hell it is their seeing.

So, that is your assignment people. The link is on the right. Have at it!

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