Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hillary Is A War Hero

Ok, the behind-the-scenes code on this main page was starting to look a little long in the tooth, so I thought it best to just archive the whole shebang and start this month fresh with a brand new, clean-as-a-baby's ass page. So, if you want to read anything older than, well, right now, you're gonna have to head on over to the archives.


I know Hillary Clinton has been taking a lot of flak lately, because people have been accusing her of sliiiightly exaggerating about how dangerous her trip to Bosnia was, back in the 90's, but my intrepid team of Slydesblog reporters have been able to uncover some super-classified archived footage that reveals that our former First Lady did NOT in fact exaggerate.

On the contrary, she completely played down her heroic part on the fierce battle that fateful day.

She's a true American hero, that one.

Check it out for yourself.....

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