Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Girl Drink Drunk

I've always been a big fan of good sketch comedy, and back in the early 90's, there was NO comedy that I'd rather have watched than "The Kids In The Hall".

"Kids", which ran from 1988 - 1994, was the brainchild of Lorne Michaels, of Saturday Night Live fame. Michaels, having had much success with SNL, wanted to try his hand at a new version of the show but showcasing all Canadian talent (is that an oxymoron? - ducks quickly!).

Kids In The Hall made a lot of headlines during it's time in the sun, mostly for the wrong reasons. It was one of the first TV shows that had a real-life openly gay cast member, often doing some very stereotypical gay humor. To add fuel to the fire, the all-male cast routinely dressed in drag.

The show was funny. DAMN funny. Some of you (and probably all of you Canucks, where the show was originally broadcast before coming down to the states courtesy of HBO) already know that.

There were a MILLION skits from that show I loved, but the one that Earl and I still talk about most to this day is the Girl Drink Drunk. Not because it was their funniest one, but because Earl used to find it ridiculously amusing that I would go out to bars and sometimes order things like Toasted Almonds and Mudslides.

I'm ashamed to say that there was even a bar where, when I would walk in, the bartender would do his best Gopher-from-the-Love-Boat-finger-pointing at me and yell, "Hey, Toasted Almond Guy!".

Not TOO embarrassing, that.

Anyway, enjoy. As I continue my quest to finally watch every fucking thing ever posted on Youtube, I will probably put up some more Kids skits from time to time.

P.S. I know, I know. RSS Still isn't working quite right yet.... tell ya what, I'll let ya'll know when I get the kinks out, k?

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