Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Scanner Darkly

This weekend I took a look around my humble abode, and realized with blind horror that the ONLY gadget in the universe that I do NOT yet own is a scanner for my computer.

I do not know how such an egregious error escaped me.

Well, this past Saturday I fixed THAT shit right quick.

I hooked up my new scanner Saturday night, and then immediately scoured the attic trying to find all my old snapshots that I had collected over the years.

Right before I was about to give up, and after much cursing and carrying-on about why nothing in this house is EVER FOUND IN THE SPOT WHERE I FRIGGING PUT IT AWAY, I successfully found my cache of pictures.

Regular Slydesbloggers should realize what this means:

I now have in my possession the wily and elusive picture of Earl dressed as a Gandalf.

And I will scan it and show it to ya’ll at some point. But after telling this to the super anonymous Earl earlier today, he nearly pooped himself with fear that I will loose his godly visage unto the world, so I promised that before I show you all the pic, I’ll be sure to blur out his face first (or replace his head with Borat or something). So, patience, people.

But since I was never one to be squeamish about embarrassing myself for a laugh (or to increase my comments), I thought it might be fun to scan in some quick pictures of myself from various points in my life. I’ll rummage thru this mountain of probably thousands of pictures in the next few weeks, and further humiliate myself by posting a few choice ones.

It’s really going to take me a while to go thru all this stuff. I’ve never owned a scrap book or photo album.

No, apparently I thought it would be much easier to just spend the past 40 years throwing any pictures I took into a garbage bag, because now it’s MUCH easier to sort thru.
But for now, here are a few of them that were on top of the heap. The picture up top, by the way, is from a camping trip I took a few years ago.
Am I not the cutest kid.... EVER?

Can you believe the clothes my mother used to dress me in?

Remarkably, I can still fit into that suit. I wore it to work just yesterday.

I think this picture officially marked the beginnings of my "Chachi" phase.

Ok, that's enough public embarrassment for now. I'll try to dig thru the piles and try to come up with some others over the weekend.

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