Monday, March 10, 2008

Bullet Time

- If I get ONE MORE EMAIL from one of you guys out there in cyberspace saying “Hey, I like your site, but I’m not going to ever post because I hate registering.”, let me give you to a collective “ARGGGGH”.

There is NO WAY I can take off the registering option, without getting literally BOMBARDED with spam. Believe me, its nuts.

As an experiment this week, I took off the requirement to register to the forums for one day. ONE FREAKING DAY!. In that time, I got about 20 new users who’s username had some form of “penis” or “Viagra”, and about 10 posts with hardcore porn pics. As much as I love me some porn, I’d rather not have it plastered all over the site.

So, what to do?

For the past year or 2, I’ve had SLYDESBLOG registered over at blogspot, so I COULD just switch to that and use the posting features that the rest of the world uses, but that just seems like giving in to the enemy. I LIKE the freedom of creating and maintaining my own site.

Or maybe I could try to install the messaging system that the lovely, talented, and pregnant Diva uses, called Haloscan? People seem to really like it, and it’s register-free.

So, what do you say, anonymous lurkers? If I take the trouble to change my forums from what I have now to Haloscan, would ya’ll finally start posting?

- Thanks to everyone who was nice enough to send me an email asking about how my back is doing. I am actually still in a boatload of pain. I’m going to see an orthopedist next week. It had actually gotten so bad this week that last night I bought myself a bottle of Nyquil and took a mega dose of it, just to knock me out for the night. That shit works! I STILL feel like I’ve been hit by a snowplow. Good stuff!

- Through much geeky searching, the ever movie-conscious Earl was able to figure out part of the meaning of my crazy dream this week. We checked IMDB to see if Joe Don Baker and Steve McQueen ever worked together, and sure enough, they DID do one movie together, Junior Bonner. A movie that I just happened to watch about 2 months ago! I slept thru a lot of it, but I DO remember the two of them getting into a small brawl during the movie. So at least I understand THAT part of my dream, but where the pirate ships and escalators came from is anyone’s guess.

- More friends added to the blogroll! The wonderful Sailor Clover and her man Bat-Hubs are 2 great sites that you should not be missing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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