Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bullet Time, Part 2

Bullets seem to really fill my blogging itch, when I want to post some things, but nothing really warrants their own entry.


- Lots of new friends being added to the blogroll this week. Do yourself a favor and check out Vaguetarian Tea Room, Artful Kisser, Eat Bitch and Whine, Ladies Don't Kiss And Tell, But I'm No Lady, Tabbie, and Tequila Mockingbird.

These chicks all rock, so give 'em a look.

- Hey, remember when I took my brand new convertible back to the shop 2 months ago because when I opened the trunk after a rainstorm there was so much water inside that I could have floated a fucking kayak in there? Yeah Good times….

Remember when they said they fixed it, and then I took it home only to find that one week later I ONCE AGAIN had a waterfall inside my trunk? After that equally fun SECOND trip to the shop they assured me it was fixed.

Can you guess where this is going yet? This week I found not a waterfall, but a damp soupy swamp, inside my trunk. I nearly popped a blood vessel on the phone to the shop. Anyway, they must be getting nervous that I am about to invoke the Lemon Law because they gave me a loaner car while they assured me that “This time it WILL be fixed”.

I got it back yesterday, and after a rainfall last night, my trunk is still as dry as the Mohave, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

- Thanks for everyone who made fun of my clothes and furniture from my last post. I must be a glutton for punishment, since I have found another batch of embarrassment that I will probably loose on you all next week.

-Speaking of next week, you will probably not hear too much from me for a few days, or at least not any posts of any substance (then again, is there ever?). My job needs me to be in Manhattan for most of next week, so by the time I get home each night from the train ride from Hell, probably the LAST thing I’ll be keen to do is blog.

But on the bright side, NYC is usually good for a story or two….

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