Sunday, March 16, 2008


A friend of mine sent me this little gem this week. I never knew that taking dictation from a computer that spouts gibberish could be so entertaining!

After taking the test just one time, I resisted the urge to try to take it a second time to try to beat my time.

No, instead I am going to throw down the dictational gauntlet and challenge all of you to try to beat me.

If one of you guys ends up kicking my ass, then maybe the competitive part of me will attempt to re-take it.

Actually, I have no illusions that someone ISN'T going to beat my score, but I still figure it will be more fun for me to try to have a goal next time, than for me to just sit here playing it over and over again for no reason.

Try to beat THAT, ya'll......

Super Sexy Update: I got a 72 while at work today! Huzzah!

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