Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sarah Rocks

I hate Earl.

2 weeks ago, I was going to post the new viral Sarah Silverman video that she made for her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel. I always had a thing for Sarah Silverman, really since "Theres Something About Mary" (most people don't even remember she was IN the damn movie..). Here it is, below:

Yeah, I know, it's old hat now and you've probably already seen it.

Anyway, on the day I WAS going to post it, Earl called me up and told me that he had just posted it on his site. Son of a.....!

So, Yesterday, when Jimmy Kimmel posted his video response, I decided it would be a perfect addition to this week's Youtube Tuesday.

That is, until 5 minutes ago when I see that Earl has AGAIN already gone and posted it.

Screw You Earl, this one's MINE!


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