Monday, February 04, 2008

Manic Monday

Hey folks! Here is some Super-Sexy Bulleted Monday Action for ya!

- This weekend sucked. Both my wife and son are head-over-heels, full-throttle, red-lining with some serious sicknesses. In case you weren’t sure, it’s NOT the funnest thing in the world to spend 48 hours running back and forth between 2 sick people, armed only with a puke bucket. Thankfully, my son looks like he’s finally turning the corner to Healthy-ville. My wife? Not so much. Meanwhile, I am sleeping in our guestroom until everyone is better. I will NOT get sick this time just because other people I’m living with are….I WON’T!

- I watched the Superbowl last night. Good game. No, GREAT Game! I’m not a huge sports fan at all, but I’ll always root for the New York teams, and last night the Giants did not disappoint. Anyway, I was watching the game delayed on my Tivo, because I cannot stand it when there are a million time outs called and 60 seconds on the clock end up taking about 45 fucking minutes of real time.

So, I’m watching the game, and I’m up to halfway thru the 4th quarter, and it certainly looked like New England was going to finish their perfect season, when I suddenly hear people shouting and screaming outside, banging pots, shooting off firecrackers and cheering. It was like New Years Eve all over the neighborhood.

You guessed it. The game had already ended, and was basically spoiled for me since I hadn’t seen the Giants late game rally yet. FUCK!

- Every time it rains, my car gets a leak in the trunk. At first it was so bad, I could take a fucking bath in there. I brought it in to be fixed last week, and they assured me that the problem had been identified and taken care of.

So, do you want to take a fucking guess at what I saw this morning, after this weekend’s rainfall, in my trunk? If you DIDN’T guess a big fucking puddle, then you would be wrong. FUCK!

Oh well. The car goes BACK to the shop this week.


So folks, THAT was MY weekend in a nutshell. Can anyone top that shit?

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