Monday, February 25, 2008

I Need Whaaaaat?

Thanks to the lovely and Canadian Kat, who did this on her own blog recently, I now have something new to write about.

This is actually pretty fun. Fire up Google, and then search for “ needs to” and then watch with hilarity at all the nonsense that pops up.

Here are some of my favs……

“Andrew needs to get a new car soon” – Believe me, if my car’s trunk springs another leak, I just might.

“Andrew Needs to Come to El Paso” – No I don’t.

“andrew needs to participate in social skills training” – I sure do. Just ask Friz.

“Andrew needs to touch that bar” – This is true. If I don’t hold onto the bar, I tend to fall off the barstool.

“andrew needs to apply wood preservative to one side of his garden fence” – Shit! Now everybody knows!

“Andrew needs to hurry and pull.” – Must.. resist… obvious… joke……!

“Andrew needs to increase his English vocabulary” – Eat me.

“Andrew needs to be hogtied” – Now we’re talkin’!

“Andrew needs someone like Justin in his life ...” – I’ll say! But he never calls me…..
‘Andrew needs to go pee” – More often than I should. I think I have a gerbil’s bladder.
“Andrew needs to wear see-through covers over his eyes, for the next 24 hours” – What the fuck?????

“Andrew needs to exercise his body daily” – What mirror are YOU looking at? I’m an Adonis!

“Andrew needs to be sitting down in a safe spot so he won't hurt himself” – Don’t forget about my protective helmet!

“Andrew needs to be thankful everyday of his sorry royal life that he is not speaking German!” – And Dutch, too. I fucking HATE the Dutch!

“Andrew needs to align himself with a record label” – If only my American Idol audition had gone better….

“Andrew needs to get his bite on. ...” - I’m all for “freaky”, but seriously, what the fuck?

“Andrew needs to remember that Glaciers are shrinking on every continent.” – That is my last thought before I drift off to sleep each night.

“andrew needs to get his rocks off” – More than I do now, that’s for damn sure….

“andrew needs to take the pants off b/c he has a very nice asssss” – I’m pretty sure this one came from Liz’s blog.

And one more before signing off….

“Andrew needs to know that you care, and that you believe in him.” – C'mon people… give!

So, what did ya’ll come up with?

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