Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year's Letdown

Longtime readers will remember that I usually try to revamp the site in some small way at the start of each year. Whether it be a completely new look, or something as small as just a new font for the mast heading, I try to spruce things up a bit each year.

And I’ll do that this year as well, hopefully sometime next week. The reasons I have not done that yet are two-fold.

1) I have been battling a truly brutal cold for the past 2 weeks, which started on Christmas Day. It left me pretty much not wanting to do much of anything except carefully place Twizzlers in sleeping people crotches (see my new years post), but as of yesterday, I FINALLY seem to be turning the corner and getting better.

2) I’m lazy.

Now, don’t hold me to which of the 2 above reasons has more to do with me not getting around to upgrading the site yet, but I’ll give you a hint…. It’s not (1).

Anyway, New Years is upon us. I always get very melancholy after New Years, and I think it has something to do with the rapid change in attitude everyone had between Christmas and New Years. I have always found it quite odd.

In the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with each passing day, people get more and more into the loving, caring, giving “Christmas spirit”. People will literally spend nights at home, staring at their Christmas tree, listening to “Silent Night Holy Night” and other such songs of the season, over and over, sipping Egg Nog, trying to FORCE the Christmas Spirit upon them. People will literally do ANYTHING to get them into the joyful, holiday mood.

Then, like a big wave that crashes on the shore, Christmas is over in a flash, and people IMMEDIATELY drop that loving attitude and thrust themselves right into what I call “New Years Mode”.

“OUT” are the Christmas carols, the eggnog, the spirit of giving….

“IN” is the mad rush to find the best party to get shitfaced at on New Years Eve, and then spend the next day semi-comatose as people try to sober up.

New Years Mode usually starts at around 9am on December 26th.

I am not saying that I am above such behavior. On the contrary, I get as caught up in it as anyone.

I just find it hysterically ludicrous that the very “idea” of Christmas is so quickly lost upon us all each year.

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