Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Friends

I have been very lax in the updating of my links lately, to which I really have no excuse for.

Anyway, as of this post, consider me “unlaxed”.

Some super sites and new cyberfriends await you in my updated links page. Check out Cognitive Malfunction, Elise, and TK Kerouac (this is the link to her “uncut” site. You’ve gotta ask real nice, and learn the super-sexy-secret handshake, to get invited to her private one).

Anyway, go check em all out. Much fun awaits you.

On another note, I just took a look at all my links, and realized that they all seem to fall into one of the following 3 categories….

-Dudes from Britain
-Smokin’ Hot Chicks (mostly from Canada)

I realize that the above list has no value and serves no purpose to you (or to me, really). I just get my jollies singling Earl out…

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