Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cloverfield Is Cool

So, I woke up bright and bushy-tailed Sunday morning, and took my lonely self to go see Cloverfield.

Yes, I went by myself. As I've said here before, that's how I see MOST of my flicks. I used to go with Earl a lot (still do, from time to time), but now he's all domesticated and shit. And my wife hasn't come to a movie with me since we saw the fucking "Stepford Wives" for God Sakes!

So basically, if a movie comes out that I want to see, I just go see it. No biggie.

Anyway, I have been eagerly awaiting Cloverfield since the summer, and it didn't disappoint.

Not only did the movie rock, but I know believe that J.J. Abrahms is officially second only to Jesus. Between this movie and Lost, I think I love the man. Not that I'm into guys or anything, but if I HAAAAAD to be with a guy, like if someone put a gun to my head or something..... I'm just sayin'.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Cloverfield.

Make no mistake, Shakespear it's not... but damn if I wasn't entertained. The hand-held camera aspect of it was VERY well done. But then again, I thought the Blair Witch was a good, creepy film, and that flick made most people who saw it just throw up, so maybe I'm not the best of judges.

And about the monster, that people have been speculating about for months? The one most people have been saying is a giant octopus, or this guy (which was supposedly leaked from the studio)....

It doesn't look anything like that, and it isn't a fucking lame-ass octopus either. So neener neener!

Anyway, Cloverfield gets Slydesblog's Official 2 Thumbs Up.

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