Thursday, January 17, 2008


Just a few things to say, super-efficient "Bullet" style....

- I have finally ended my long dry spell of not posting anything new up on MovieGrenade, and leaving my esteemed colleagues to pick up the slack. 2 points if you can guess what movie I reviewed. Head on over and check it out.

- Yeah, I know. I haven't made any of the changes I said I was going to do... yet. Didn't I tell you people I was lazy?

- I am contemplating, at least semi-regularly, to start posting video blogs, instead of always doing them in written form. I'd probably post them up on Youtube to save space for myself, and just link to them here. I'm still not sure if you fine women could handle my hunky goodness in live-action, but I might just be vain enough to take that chance...

- To the dozen or so random lurkers who stop by here every week and email me with:
"Hey, Slyde! I love the site, but I wanted to let you know that I'm not going to post anything because I HATE registering my email address in the forums. Can't you just let ANYONE post without haveing to register?".

To which I always say, "Fuck no!".

You lurkers are killing me! I NEED to keep the email verification active, else my forums become a vast wasteland of spam, selling Home Mortgage loans, Viagra, and Donkey Porn. Seriously.

As an experiment, I took verification off on Monday, and before Tuesday was up, we had about 1 dozen posts on the boards selling industrial-sized dildos (at good prices, too! I bought 5! Free shipping! Woot!).

Anyway, that was all the test I needed. For now, the email verification stays. Don't be a wuss, and sign up already. I promise I won't send you any Gay Midget Porn once I have your email address (unless you ask real nice).

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