Monday, December 24, 2007

Bah! Humbug!

I have been finding it quite hard to get into the Christmas Spirit this year.

It's something I try very hard to do each year, and most times I can pull it off.

This year, however, I have been pretty much coming up empty.

And here it was a few days before Christmas, and I hadn't even remotely had that feeling of being at all "Christmasy" yet.

It's not too surprising. I've been in kind of a funk lately. One of the big reasons is that my job has been going Biggie-Size on the Suck lately, so that certainly isn't helping.

Anyway, back in September when I went to Joey's Parent-Teacher night, I signed up, mostly on a whim, to read a story to the kids at some point.

To be honest, I had completely forgotten about it until I got a note from school Wednesday reminding me that it was supposed to go down this past Friday!

So, what to do? After a quick pow-wow with Joey, we decided to read a Christmas story to the class.

What an absolutely fun time it was, too. When I got there, the teacher already had the little tykes all sitting on the floor, waiting for me.

As I read the story, I was amazed at the looks of utmost eagerness on the kids faces.... you would have thought I was reading the most important story of their lives to them.

And who knows? For that brief few minutes of time, maybe to them, I was.

But what made it all worthwhile was seeing my little mini-me, sitting dead center, eyes fixed on me, with the biggest ear-to-ear grin I have ever seen in my life, on his little face.

He was SO damn proud, he made me want to just throw the book away and sweep him up and hug him.

In in those moments, reading that tale to that class, and seeing how happy it made my son, wouldn't you know it but just like the Grinch, the spirit of Christmas fought it's way through.

Anyway, the story was a huge hit. I got a standing "O" and was asked to read another.

At one point, one of the kids in the class leaned over to my son, and I could hear him say, "Joey, you're dad is AWESOME!".

Yes, I am, aren't I?

Thank God I don't have an ego where a statement like that could go to my head.

Anyway, it's as I write this, technically Christmas eve.

I am going to try to reach out and hold onto that good feeling, and see if I can ride it out thru the next two days.

I feel much better about Christmas now this year than I did at the start of the week, so I guess that's something....

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, you guys...

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